Please DONT force CanCollide Humanoid on death

Can we avoid forcing CanCollide on bodyparts when a humanoid dies?
It’s rather impossible to do a good ragdoll when you can’t choose to have the arms uncollideable.

“But just replace the humanoid”
“Avoid killing the humanoid completely, save 1 hp”
yada yada

No, I think setting CanCollide should Set the CanCollide, no matter what.
If humanoid dies, then set cancollide of the arms and legs ONCE to true, then let us do what we please with them.

Like if you agree


I agree but I think it is to prevent from hackers who were noclipping theirself when Filtering was Enabled.

Clients have full control over physics and can clip through walls regardless of what CanCollide is set to.


Hm yeah you are right.

If I may ask, are you using constraints for your ragdolls yet?


Collision Filters should definitely come in handy for stuff like this… whenever they come out.

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I really want to bump this because I’m trying to bypass it, but all the ways around it are UGLY.

  1. I either never kill a humanoid, causing massive confusion in all scripts that only assume a player to be dead if their health is 0 (control scripts, enemy scripts, global functions, explosions etc).

  2. Or I replace the player with a ragdoll everytime he ragdolls, even if he doesnt die. This would lag ALOT.

  3. I revert back to glued joints instead of the new constraints, atleast those worked somewhat good.

I really see no way around this, anyone got any better tips on how to bypass this “bug”?

Why would it lag a lot? Assuming you’re removing the rag doll after 15 second and using the new constraints I don’t think that would be much of an issue at all.

While I do agree that we should have more control over humanoids, I don’t think the current issues are impossible to work around.

The lag on a server of 20 people, putting a character temporarily in nil while copying a ragdoll, placing it in workspace, making sure all parts are in the same CFrame as the characters bodypart. It’s something that causes visible lag.
When the player ragdoll it’d be able 0.6 seconds of freeze, then the ragdoll will fall. I’v tried this before.

Render this stuff locally. You usually wanna try to reduce physics calculations on the server whenever possible. Thankfully the result is almost always more responsive.

Cant, it’s critical where they player character is. Even if he is ragdoll he can be revived, he can be smashed by enemies and fly away. This can’t be local fx.

Oh wow. Id sugguest that if you have many zombies/humanoids to make everything local but I think that’s a bit overkill haha

Can we get an update on this? It’s been over 6 years now and this still has not been resolved.

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try registering collision group that doesnt collide with anything at all and assigning all humanoid parts to that? Yes this doesn’t solve the main issue, but it’s a good idea for it being a temporary measure, as it’s the only way to circumvent that.