[Plugin] AutoScale Plus for GUIs

This is honestly brilliance. Thank you so much for making this plugin. You have no idea how thankful I am for this

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Great plugin, helps a ton when making UIs and not having to worry about the UI scaling differently per device. Only issue I’ve came across is when using “uiDesign Plus”, the rounding feature will often bug out when “Image ScaleType Fit by Default” is on. Other than that the plugin is great and would recommend getting.

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Yeah you can just use UiCorner constraint and it should work properly, might be releasing a plugin slider for ui roundedness soon

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I just bought this plugin and its amazing. I know you don’t get much from it but glad I got this plugin. :grinning:

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Hello. I can’t find smart scale, how to enable this? I bought plugin

Smart scale is a feature of a different version of the plugin, Autoscale Nightly.

Autoscale Plus only includes automation.

Oh. Okay maybe later i will buy this plugin

Hey also! I bought this plugin and there needs to be fixes. The gui will not position correctly or get smaller when I make the output or some type of view UI scale or something like that. I may need to uninstall the lite version, but if it acts up more I’ll tell ya more!

I’ve bought the Autoscale Plus plugin, which has even more features that are also even more helpful. This plugin has saved my time even more. It used to take me around like 15-20 minutes (if not more, depending on the size of the UI and how many UI elements were included in the user interface), and it was difficult. This plugin has helped me out a lot. Autoscale Lite was helpful, but this plugin is even more helpful. I’d also recommend this plugin too as it has more features and saves more time. :thumbsup:


Please bring back the “Add Constraint” Button instead of smart scale. Add Constraint made the plugin even more useful but now constraints cant be added to children of a UI Object.

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Yeah, I actually swapped back to the lite version because of the smart scale. It wasn’t working as I intended + It doesn’t support UICorners so I don’t have much of a purpose for it.

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why are you trying to use the constraint on ui children?

For scrolling frames. Because scaling is wonky and constraints make it easier and better.

This topic is dead, so I might as well bring it back, lol.
This is the best plugin in the toolbox, for sure!
I find it very annoying to change offset to scale, and this does it automatically, and that’s awesome!

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I’m 4 robux off from being able to purchase this :frowning:

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I dont think there is a better plugin for UI than this.
Thanks :heart:

Question: Is the plugin being updated?

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yes! you can join our discord servers for the update announcements

Really cool plugin, however, I unfortunately found a bug that makes it so I can’t use most of the features :confused:

When I enabled a few of the automatic features in a different place, it seemed to apply them to my game when I loaded in, messing all of the UI up. This might be because they weren’t in StarterGui when I opened the place.
I’m pretty sure this is a bug, I figured it only applied these values to new UI objects instead of existing ones.

I’ll unfortunately have to disable these features now even though they could be really handy. I’ll still use the other features and I’ll keep my like on the plugin because I appreciate your work though. :slightly_smiling_face:

That was a bug that I thought was fixed, did you update to the latest version?

Yeah, I am on the latest version