[Plugin] AutoScale Nightly for GUIs

We have a new addition to the AutoScale plugin family! This variant includes all features of AutoScale Plus with several additions of unreleased experimental features.

The latest experimental feature available in this plugin is SmartScale, which intelligently makes scaling decisions for you. To know how this feature works, please read the documentation .

New SmartScale feature
This replaces the old “Add Constraint” button. Now, all you need to do is select your ScreenGui and press a single button after creating your GUI!

When selecting your ScreenGui or any text object, it automatically detects which GUI objects you use and applies AutoScale methods to your gui to scale everything. This includes dynamic text scaling, size/pos conversion to Scale unit, maintaining width to height ratio and more!

Thanks for reading :wink:

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Ah, so this is an experimental build or a whole new other plugin?

experimental build with early access to new features

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Hmmm… I’ll think about buying it tomorrow. :smiley:

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I bought this today and smartscale is absolutely amazing. Definitely worth it.

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Is this still being developed?

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Yes, but I’m currently busy with exams so updates will come soon

Alright thanks I really appreciate it. Perhaps include the new upcoming ‘scale to descendants’ or something feature. (I forget what exactly it’s called)

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Hey. Just found this.

Would be a nice feature to have if there is ever any more updates :slight_smile:

A text scaling feature has been available since a few months ago on AutoScale Nightly through SmartScale. I’ll consider bringing it over to the Lite version.

It’s still being tested for inaccuracies.

So SmartScale means it scales everything possible under the screengui I clicked?

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Whats different about AutoScale Nightly than normal AutoScale Plus? You keep mentioning “Extra features” what features are there right now?


I don’t really think that this should be a whole 150 robux more expensive than AutoscalePlus. Just for experimental features and developmental builds, you should charge no more than 80 robux.


This is a godly plugin but it does have some side effects. It works about 95% :slight_smile:

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(I’m @R0bl0x10501050 from above on my alt)

Agreed, its not too reliable when it comes to positioning but I developed a second formula that I use that sometimes helps, so all in all this plugin is still extremely useful.

Hey @ZacBytes,

I’m having some issues with the plugin. It seems to scale, but not too well:

This should be fitting the entire screen, unless I’m doing something wrong.


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UIAspectRatioConstraints are not meant for fullscreen UIs.

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Ive been using autoscale for around a year now, and I think autoscale nightly for about 8-9 months and my experience has been great, with me using almost every day over that period.

The one thing that does annoy me a bit is when using the plus menu and copying UIs where I have edited things like anchor point it is a bit annoying having to:

a) Manually set the anchor points / other properties again
b) disable and then enable all my plus menu settings

Some key bind / auto detecting for when something is being copy pasted which then indicates not to apply modifiers would greatly improve my experience when working with UI.

Don’t think it’s possible to detect copypaste in studio unfortunately