Plugin: Light Editor

@Ravenshield messaged me with this awesome idea for a new plugin, a light editor; while arguably not as cool as the Waterfall Generator it’s definitely just as useful.

Using the plugin you’ll be able to view all of the lights in your map when it’s enabled. By clicking on their icons you’ll be able to instantly change them allowing you to get that perfect atmosphere for your game. Always looking for feedback so if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions feel free to leave them here.

I’m very interested to know about performance while this plugin is enabled, unfortunately BillboardGui’s weren’t a luxury I could use.

Map by @Crykee

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Oh this is sooooooo coool !
Thanks for this pretty noice plugin, managing my lighting will be faster now <3


That’s awesome. Seems like something that should be built-in to Studio.


Full of surprises!


I agree.

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How useful!
This makes finding & editing light sources much more easier, thanks for sharing!


And he delivers, again! :slight_smile: Thank you for this great plugin. I’ve wanted this functionality in Studio for years, but never got around to make it on my own. I thought since you were requesting ideas for useful plugins, this one was top-notch. It’s going to make level designing so much easier for everyone. Great work!

As I mentioned for you in chat, I’d love the same functionality for ParticleEmitters and potentially also Beams and Trails. It’s a hassle to make levels with those objects because you always have to remember in which part you put them.

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So uh… when are you coming back to work for Roblox again? :wink:


Also, one small suggestion: if I select a light that is parented to an Attachment, perhaps the plugin could create some move handles so I can move that attachment with the light around?

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Seems like a good idea, I’ve added a little movement icon which will appear when hovering over a light, you can click that and it’ll select the parent part/attachment and Roblox’s movement tool.


Everyday I am forced more and more to get a mouse…


Can you change the tooltip to distinguish the plugin without context? E.g. “Toggle Light Editor” I’d never think to search for “Toggle” in QAM/Customize Shortcuts which list buttons by tooltip e.g.

This is absolutely fantastic, never thought I needed it so much!

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Very awesome plugin, finally one I can use and find useful since my maps are so focused on lighting I tent to have hundreds of light points lol

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works very nicely with ozzy’s plugin (where u have to annoyingly select the light to edit it, but yours makes them very easily selectable)

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