PluginAction.AssignedShortcut and 4th CreatePluginAction() parameter

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to know what shortcut is assigned to a PluginAction.

To remedy this, I would suggest adding a new string property to the PluginAction object called AssignedShortcut. The inclusion of this property would allow flexible tooltips that notify the player of the command to use.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to provide a default shortcut for a PluginAction.

Adding a fourth parameter to the CreatePluginAction() function, suggestedShortcut, would allow the developer to pre-select the desired shortcut. If the shortcut isn’t already taken, it gets set as the action’s shortcut. This would allow much-increased ease of use for the user.

This concludes my spree of PluginAction threads.

Without these two features there isn’t much reason to ever use CreatePluginAction() as a Plugin developer. I have no way to assign a shortcut to an action, and even if I can convince my user to go into an obscure settings menu to set it themselves, I have no way of knowing what they set it to.

I believe this feature is absolutely essential for nurturing a professional Plugin development ecosystem.


Been a couple years, hasn’t it? It’s still impossible to know if a shortcut has been set (or what it’s been set to). I’ve run into this issue again with a low-profile plugin that I want to drop a message in the output reminding the user to set a shortcut if they haven’t already, but I’m not able to.

I make a lot of low-profile plugins, but a decent chunk of users have a hard time getting them set up because there’s no way to a) have them get set up automatically or b) dynamically remind the user when and how they need to set it up. These two features would enable that ability and vastly improve plugin actions.


Two years later from this post and I am still being hard-blocked by lack of PluginAction support which is preventing me from properly incorporating Plugin shortcuts into the Roblox ecosystem.

Right now plugins have to either:
A) make their own hard-coded keybinds which could have conflicts with other plugins.
B) create their own keybind customization menu for the plugin, which requires more buttons and more wasted effort.
C) make an annoying popup telling their users to set the PluginAction manually. But then you, as the plugin, cannot read what keybind they’ve set, making this extremely frustrating to work with and preventing you from a lot of features such as keybind reminder popups or UI.

Please, please, pleaseeee address this.


Bumping because 4 years later, we still have to tell our users to go through File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts > Search > Edit just to use a keyboard shortcut. Embarrassingly terrible UX.


I’m also joining the request, I’m developing a Plugin that would benefit quite a lot if I added shortcuts, and it’s frustrating not to be able to because of Roblox’s plugin limitations.

This would be so appreciated, we have a huge amount of plugins internally and we have to always specify the shortcuts setup so they can easily follow the documentation and videos that’s associated with those plugins.

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Bumping this because it’s 2023 and it’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been done yet.

However, the API design for this does have the potential to be thorny. I wrote at length my thoughts on how to best solve this here:

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