Plugins don't Load when opening a place from the Site

When opening studio directly into a game/place from the site. Any plugin you have installed will not load, and instead studio will list only the default, Localization Tools and Animation plugins. In addition, the plugin management page will list plugins ‘active’ however they have not loaded. Disabling a plugin and reactivating it will relist that plugin in the plugins tab.

Reproduction is pretty straight forward:

  • Opening Studio by clicking the “Edit” button on the game’s page or the Develop page will not load your installed plugins.
  • Opening Studio via the Desktop shortcut or start-menu will load your plugins as normal.
Screenshot of plugins being listed as ‘active’

Utilizing most recent version of studio (0.401.0.338533) and Windows 10.


This is happening for me aswell, however, sometimes a random active plugin does actually load for me.

This is also happening for me. Last time I used the studio, it was just working fine.


Also happening to me.


Plugins no longer start up when I use Play-Solo or open a second place file. I use Roblox Studio full time and this is seriously disrupting my workflow. Toggling plugins off/on or running them via the command line is so tedious. :disappointed:

This is likely related @CycloneUprising


This bug is no longer occurring for myself when opening places from the site.

-Marking as solved.