Pocket Lua: Text Editor & Lua Interpreter

Note: My old username was dispeller. I go by ToldFable now.

I previously made a post on How to run Lua using Atom text editor.

While it’s cool to run Lua using Atom, there are a lot of steps to get things working.
Not only that but I got reports of things going wrong.
Troubleshooting is fun, but what if there was a better option?

Introducing Pocket Lua!

A quick and easy way to execute Lua code.

Pocket Lua is an app built using Electron and a series of other JavaScript libraries.
The two main libraries used are CodeMirror and Lua.vm.js. CodeMirror provides a very nice text editor and Lua.vm.js provides a Lua executor. I do not take credit for these individual components, I simply put these open sourced libraries together with an intuitive Ui.

EzUi is another library which was used in this project. I wrote EzUi in an attempt to make it easy to create HTML elements. EzUi is still in beta.


  • Built in Lua Executor (lua.vm.js feature)
  • Works offline / without internet
  • Quick to open
  • Syntax highlighting (CodeMirror feature)
  • Multi-line typing (CodeMirror feature)
  • Open files
  • Save files
  • HTML formatting for text color and what not
  • Random fun quotes
  • Resize text area and output with draggable middle vertical bar


  • Autosaving
  • More fun quotes
  • Making file size a tiny bit smaller
  • Font changing

Project updates dropped due to lack of interest.
Still a useful piece of software, I just won’t be updating it.



This is my first practical electron app.
I’d appreciate any feedback.


Why use Pocket Lua over other things?


For the simplicity.
It’s a simple executable.

It’s a text editor with a Lua executor built in.


Pretty interesting project, I’ll be sure to check it out later but I have one question; is this just a vanilla Lua executor or do you emulate Roblox’s Lua VM?


You might want to rename the program to ‘Lua Interpreter’ or something like that. Someone might mistake this for a cheat program, because ‘Lua Executor’ is commonly associated with cheat programs in the context of Roblox.


Pretty sure it’s vanilla since Lua.vm.js ports lua, not roblox’s lua.


Seems like a cool idea but I can’t stand that font :joy:


I don’t see the advantage of using this over i.e. https://scriptinghelpers.org/lua where it’s just a website you can access easily from anywhere. It’s a cool application, but it wouldn’t suit my needs.


@metryy It’s just vanilla Lua

@ForbiddenJ Done

@LordOfLuxury I’ll add font changing to the planned features

@1TheNoobestNoob The main difference is that this is intended to be a nice looking text editor.
I have an idea for an update that will make this more practical.


@dispeller How do I download if it won’t let me, it will say this.
“Pocket Lua App.download”

Sorry about that.
I don’t own a Mac so it’s a little “hit or miss” with packaging for Mac/Darwin.
I suspect the problem is with the file being read as a folder instead of a .app file.
I’ve updated it.
Did that fix it?

Version 2 should be sure to fix this issue.

This is really cool! I’ll be downloading this.

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