ToldFable's Portfolio (old username dispeller)

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PM me to inquire about my services.

My website:

About Me

  • Experienced Scripter
  • Front end web developer
  • Experienced Ui designer
  • Builder
  • GFX designer
  • Animator
  • Clothing designer
  • Fairly good with English grammar

I’ve been programming for 8-9 years.
My time zone is Central Standard Time.

I have experience programming in

  • Lua
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Java

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Community Resources:

Open sourced inventory system

Open Sourced Inventory/Backpack system

Captcha Human Verification

Human Verification Captcha by dispeller (AKA ToldFable)

Easy Color Picker

Easy 1D Color Picker

C0FF3BAD Easy Commands Loader

require(0xC0FF3BAD) -- Easy instant cmds

XBridge easy client to server communication

X Bridge v4 - Easy Client to Server communication


Instance.old (recycle instances)

Studio Plugins:

Select Search by Sizes Studio Plugin

Select Search by Sizes Plugin

Sort by Color Studio Plugin

Plugin for sorting parts into groups by color


Whisperbit (currently developing)
  • Custom explosion physics
  • Creature ai
  • Custom character generator
  • Custom inventory & healthbar
  • Throwable weapons
  • Custom climbing physics
  • Custom dashing & rolling physics
  • Custom explosions

Whisperbit RPG - Roblox


  • Voxel Building system
  • Custom Inventory
  • Custom Character
  • Custom animations
  • Salvaging system
  • Datastore backend

Abyss - Roblox

dispeller's Skyblock

  • Custom Inventory and backpack system
  • Antifall shift sneaking system
  • Custom camera
  • Custom animated first person fist

Skyblock Fortress - Roblox




  • Animated flying birds
  • Animated Hogs
  • Custom health indicator
  • Tree cutting
  • Custom inventory system
  • Randomly generated map
  • Region entering music system
  • Randomly generated trees
  • Custom camera
  • Randomly generated drifting clouds
  • Datastore backend

Sorcery (Alpha) - Roblox
Sorcery Everland - Roblox

Everlands 2
  • Randomly generated villagers
  • Ai with pathfinding
  • Aesthetic region theme changing system
  • Body transfering system
  • Backend data saving

Everlands 2 - Roblox

Lua syntax highlighting text editor


  • Gui could be moved around
  • Gui could be resized
  • Gui highlighted lua syntax
  • Uses Lexer module uploaded by Crazyman32 (only part that’s not made by me)

The Best Script Builder - Roblox

Speed creation: Music maker

  • Made in under 24 hours
  • allows for music creation
    This was more of a proof of concept than anything else

dispeller's Music Maker - Roblox

Speed creation: Brick fall
  • Made in under 24 hours
  • Real time updating height leaderboard

Brick Fall - Roblox

Speed creation: Tower of hell clone
  • Made in under 24 hours
  • Randomly generating parkour course

Tower of Hell clone - Roblox

Electron apps:

Pocket Lua

Pocket Lua: Text Editor & Lua Interpreter

A few logos I’ve made in the past:

Click to expand


Clothes I’ve made:

Click to expand


Playful Checkerboard outfit

checkerboard suit - Roblox
checkerboard suit pants 2 - Roblox
Hat not made by me: Checkerboard Top Hat - Roblox

Current gigs:

None ATM


The rates I charge depends on the assignment.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or discord.
(Check my game’s social links to join my discord)


Recently commissioned dispeller to work on a bug that had me stumped for days, he solved it in about an hour and was kind enough to explain where I went wrong, would 100% recommend his services :slight_smile:


I have worked with dispeller as a builder before. Communication was never an issue and it always felt like I was working in a friendly or working environment. dispeller is the one you want if you are in need of a multitalented developer who mainly specializes in programming. I had a nice time working with dispeller, who has a friendly personality!


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