Post confirmation (by a bot) when bug reports get logged

When a user from the Bug Report Group, opens up a bug report, it might be days or weeks before a bug report team member posts a confirmation that it is logged, and to a regular user, it might seem like “they are taking to long” or something like that, but in reality, it has already been created (at least I assume so), and it’s just a message to the user.

I’m basing my information off of this post, if I’m wrong, please do correct me if you know the correct answer. from this post


Hooksmith mentioned that there’s plans to add an “acknowledged” status to bug reports in the already existing bug status pill, it’s probably coming soon


Bugs get logged internally straight away, there is no delay. We’ll have an "Acknowledged automated message/status update soon. This generally happens within 1-2 days after the bug is reported. It involves us finding the right engineering owner internally from several dozens of engineering teams.

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