About the Bug Reports category

This category can be used by developers to post bug reports for the Roblox platform.

Report exploits privately

When a bug or exploit you wish to report could be used maliciously if posted in the public bugs categories, please instead send it to our Hackerone program. This will privately inform relevant staff members about your exploit. Do not publicly post reproduction steps for these exploits on other locations on the forum.

Do not use Hackerone for reporting stolen games, scam places or off-site scam websites. Use the report abuse button in those cases.

How to Report Bugs

1. Join the Bug Reporting Group

Request permission by joining this Group


We’ll review and approve requests on a rolling, monthly basis. You will get a notification in your inbox once you’ve been approved!

2. Check for an existing report

Before submitting a new report, make sure you check if someone already reported it. Contributing to an open report lets us know how widespread a problem is and could even help us identify the cause quicker if you have extra details to add to the original report.

3. Report a bug

Use the bug wizard to create a new report. And remember to follow this guide for how to write great bug reports:

Bug Report Statuses

Bug reports are assigned one of four statuses:

  • Open - You’ll see this on most bugs that aren’t marked as Fixed or Closed. When an issue is still Open it means we are still processing, reviewing, or working on a solution.
  • Need Information - Even the best-filled bug reports may need additional info in order for us to track down the cause and identify a solution. If you see this on an issue that you’ve encountered, consider clicking in and contributing to the investigation!
  • Fixed - We’ve identified and rolled out a change that addresses (fixes) the issue. If you run into the issue again, reply to the thread if it’s still open or submit a new report if the thread is locked. Bonus points if you include a link to the old thread in your new report.
  • Closed - For the most part, you will see this on threads that are duplicates, off-topic, or issues that we are not going to fix because they may be by design, could be non-issues after an upcoming feature release, an edge-case, or because (try as we might) we haven’t been able to reproduce and are unable to fix.

Other Information

  • When you submit a bug report, we automatically create a ticket in our internal database. Just because we haven’t confirmed with you right away, it doesn’t mean we’re not triaging the ticket.
  • A bug report’s title and description have no effect on how it’s processed internally. Avoid using spammy or noisy words in your title to attract attention.

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