Practicing Terrain!

So I have decided to start practicing doing terrain. I’m going to try to practice for a month starting today. I’ll post my progress every now and then. I started off trying to make some mountains. I would love some tips and tricks on how I can make really good terrain!!!

Anyway here’s the picture:

Again, if you guys have any feed back or tips stuff like that please comment I want to get better.


It looks good but maybe more variations of terrain like rocks, etc?

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I see what you’re saying. Where would you put the rock though?

Adding some puddles or rocks here and there would be an improvement. Don’t worry much about where you place them. Just keep in mind that nothing in nature is perfect.


Okay! Thanks for the feedback.

Nice man, looks as good as randomly generated terrain!

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Maybe somewhere as the hill goes up?

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Very impressive! My suggestion is that you might wanna add some more things to it like @JorusRetorak said. My suggestion is that you also mess around with lighting to fit with the terrain.

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Watch this video, it will help you so much.
Roblox Studio - Creating a simple mountain with smooth terrain - YouTube

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Wow I love it, maybe add water more textures and more lightings scenery etc!