Pressing Alt + F4 does not quit Roblox

Reproduction Steps

1. Open any game running the latest public version of Roblox, the one with the new beta app forced.

  1. Press Alt + F4
  2. Observe results

Expected Behavior

I would expect the program to immediately close, as with nearly every other application on Windows

(Excluding applications with unsaved data like word processors.)

Actual Behavior

Roblox asks me if I want to quit.

Poor UX


A) Run the Roblox launcher exec with the disableDUAR param. RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe -disableDUAR
B) Press Alt + F4 twice

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


I also have this issue when I use the beta app. Personally when I use ALT + F4 my intention is the fully leave the application quickly and not have to click another button to confirm. I can see why it would be added to stop other users pranking others so they leave the application but it’s more annoying having the feature than not having anything altogether.


The same issue exists when you click the X on macOS.

However, I don’t think this is an issue. I think it’s intended for some reason despite being annoying.

At least on macOS, the workaround to this is to use Command + Q to close.


This happens whenever you attempt to naturally close the beta app while you’re in-game; it’s not specific to just Alt+F4.

When the beta app first launched in December 2020, that pop-up would only appear the first time you attempted to close the app while in-game, and then you’d never see it again.

Several months later it was changed so that it instead appears every time you attempt to close the app while in-game.

I don’t know if this change was intentional, but it is pretty annoying. If it’s not a bug, I agree that it should be reverted.


Another issue is that if you try to join an experience but get an error loading in (e.g. trying to join a friend’s private server if you’re not invited), pressing leave will now bring you to the Roblox application. There should be three buttons if this design change is going through - one for retrying, one for going back to the application, and one for closing entirely. I’m pretty sure this would happen if you got kicked too.

I’ll set aside my gripes with the core problem that the application provides no benefits to just using the website, because it’s probably not going to be axed this far into development.


It’s incredibly annoying when I’m just trying to close out of the Roblox Player.
I’d add to this that clicking the big red “CLOSE PROGRAM” button (the red x) also brings up the same menu. It’s one thing if I press Esc and then “Leave Game”, but generally if I’m clicking the X or ALT+F4, my goal is to close the program.


Not a bug, but an intended behaviour.

Yes, it’s a change, but I think it’s a good one.
I never find myself having to leave a game immediately and this is going to prevent accidental closing of the window or alt+f4 pranking.


It’s pretty hard to accidentally press alt+f4 and you can just leave your mouse in the center and quit just as fast. It just makes it harder for the average user and no one else.


This begs the question, what’s the intention of forcing users to keep the application open for a short time after exiting, instead of having the ability to immediately kill the process? Upon further inspection, the process doesn’t die immediately.

I’d assume that with a slower device, this process could take even longer! Double-tapping Alt + F4:


The client needs to take time to destroy instances, free up memory, and inform the server that they disconnected. This process takes up to a few seconds.


As already stated above, this is intended behavior.


This is terrible UX, it absolutely needs to be changed.

This intended behaviour violates Windows behaviour norms that have been defined for decades. Unless you’re asking the user if they want to save unsaved work, which isn’t the case here, it is standard UX to immediately close the program.

If you must, have an opt in for those who want to use the Roblox app, so it closes straight to the Roblox app. But for the majority who expects Roblox to follow standard Windows UX, this behaviour should reflect it.

I don’t think it’s okay to violate UX norms, it hurts the player base who have an expectation of what Alt + F4 and pressing the close button does. I would strongly urge the team to reconsider their approach on this matter.


The problem here is because this “prompt” hijacks the X button, it makes it so that the app cannot be closed if it freezes, the only way now is to kill the task from task manager.

Please go back to the old behaviour where it would ask me once, but if I just press “Close Roblox”, it should never show up again.

Really, Roblox should only be returning to the home menu if I press the Home button on the escape menu. It is so ingrained that both the Leave and X buttons, as well as the Leave button on the error prompt, all close the app.


I from my own experience personally dislike the whole prompt, as far as I am aware there is no way to fully disable this prompt without hacky workarounds that normal users surely aren’t aware of (should've been a setting similarly to volume, performance display, [...] and honestly I am disappointed that it isn't as far as I am aware) and from a normal user POV it is frustrating constantly having to deal with Roblox trying to redirect me to an app that - while yes, has cleaner appearance than the Website - is a lot slower and (from my own experience) takes up to even 30 times longer to load a singular game page in some cases (sometimes refuses to load in 100%).

Nevermind the 2 posts above from metatablecat and railworks2 also seem to elaborate on a lot of inconveniences, I honestly agree with all of their points and heavily dislike how this was executed.
Claiming this as an "Intended Feature/Behavior" only makes it a lot worse to be fully honest.


In my personal opinion, this completely destroys the Windows UX.

Alt + F4, by default, should terminate the entirety of the process. There should be no confirmation unless it would result in data loss, which in this case, there would never be.

The prompt could very much easily still exist for manually closing, however, it should not for Alt + F4.


This is not an acceptable UX practice for Windows machines. It makes 0 logical sense why this feature was removed:

  • What was added in lieu of removing this ability?
  • Does it do the exact same behavior?

I am not sure what exact reasons are why it was removed but I would really appreciate if a UX lead in the engine would explain the design choice here as it’s truly mind-boggling.


Currently the only way to get out with solely Alt+F4 is to leave the beta through the Roblox Player app itself. It is pretty annoying that this feature was intentional to begin with, however it is a good choice Roblox can still allow us to opt-out in the meantime.

Roblox really has to make a setting for us to choose whether we want the “DUAR” new quit system or the good old browser system.


What seems to be happening here is because it’s deemed as ‘intended behaviour’, it apparently invalidates the entire topic and it’s replies, if you read through the replies, the majority of the community (both Robloxians and Windows users) have themselves deemed this as unintended behaviour, which Roblox should listen to. Roblox having the mind-set of, ‘if it’s intended we aren’t fixing it’, disgusts me.

Also, what previous problem does this ‘intended behaviour’ fix, I’ve never heard of someone annoyed because they accidentally closed the Roblox application but actually wanted to keep it open and now need to relaunch. I have instead heard a lot of complaints with how long Roblox takes to close, even without this prompt.

What I feel is happening is that to increase retention in the application, Roblox is willing to kill UX and even lie to the end user (it is assumed that the x button closes the application)


As this thread locks, it is clear that this is no longer a matter of resolving a violation of UX expectations and that this is intentional in design.

Now to the petition Roblox to change their mind in a feature request.

Further on topic feedback on this can should now be directed to this request.


I think they shouldn’t add things like this because something could happen and Roblox can freeze so now pressing alt+f4 wouldn’t work for that so you would literally need to open task manager and end task. So this “feature” is quite annoying personally indeed.