Pressing Alt + F4 does not quit Roblox

It’s very hard to accidentally press ALT + F4, and ALT + F4 pranking is something that you will only fall for once.

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But it’s easy to accidentally click the X button (when opening the three dots menu)

Clicking X and pressing ALT + F4 is 2 different things.

Yes pressing x could be faster without the extra window.
But ALT + F4 should not prompt the extra window, that button is there to “Force” exit things.


The other thing is, the prompt says the second step is to click the home icon, but many of our game menus have been reverted to the 2015 version (or at least mine has), so there is no home icon but instead the leave button.

Are there any updates on this internal discussion? As the days go by Roblox continues to patch workarounds and I don’t actually think it’s possible to workaround this anymore.


There is a “Don’t ask me again” checkbox on the way, sorry it’s taking so long to get there.

(It hasn’t shipped yet, I’ll update once it has)


Good thing I’m on mobile. As a former Windows player I don’t want to have task manager open every time gosh.

There is no checkbox available to me (speculating it has been removed).
I checked in the settings, and I couldn’t find it.

It’s not there yet, clarified the post a bit.


Oh, my mistake, I was just confused since I saw the “Don’t want to see this message again?” text in a previous screenshot.

Is pressing F11, moving your mouse to the red X button and clicking it easy to accidentally do? Exactly, this change does more bad than good.

I was reading through sourcecode on Studio (i dont know if it’s up to date) but it looks like a key is being pushed to LocalStorage with the amount of times the prompt is shown and then it shouldn’t show again

(Studio is on zqtitan so that might be playing a role here)

Yet it looks like it’s not saving and just being ignored.

Not everyone playing on fullscreen. I’m not use fullscreen bc personally I’m use 75% of time “X” button.


Why do you assume everyone is playing in fullscreen?

I play in windowed mode because I multitask a lot.


Using taskkill /im RobloxPlayerBeta.exe kills the program immediately without a pop-up. Is this really the lengths that Roblox wants their users to go through to close the program without some dumb pop-up redirecting me to the app where my AdBlock and cookie blockers won’t work?

Ridiculous if you ask me.


Still, the average user is going to play in fullscreen, and even if they don’t, accidentally clicking the X button is very hard and they can just rejoin the game if they accidentally quit.

I’m not sure what the situation or changes are going to be. But in case it’ll still be relevant, it’s kinda dumb the “you sure?” pop up appears underneath the disconnected pop up, when I click the red x button on the window.
Like I already have the prompt from disconnected, so just let me close Roblox?
(you can see it behind the disconnect and blurr)


That was a mock-up. There used to be a checkbox along the lines of “Don’t see this again” but they removed it

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Update 10/7/22: Checkbox has been re-added, found out from this post

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Thank you Roblox for listening.