Private Games Visible on Groups

This issue has been happening for nearly two years and takes place when certain group games are set to private. Whereas setting a group game typically causes it to be removed from the group page, these games remain on the group page. No amount of waiting or toggling the private setting will fix it. So far, I cannot find any way to purposefully cause the bug nor any correlation between the affected games.

Below is a list of every game I’ve seen affected by this bug. If you also have a game with this issue reply to this topic with the link and I’ll add it to the list.

Known Affected Games

This has gone on for more than long enough and it would be greatly appreciated if this could get fixed as soon as possible.

Duplicate Topic Note: As previously mentioned, this issue has been occurring for somewhere around two years and as such has had many topics made about it in the past, as listed below. The last update we got from Roblox staff (@therealbiker) about the issue is now twelve months old and because we’re not allowed to bump old topics, @Sergeant_Roach has told me it’s fine to make a new topic.

Known Previous Topics

I am also having this issue. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon even though it’s been around for two years.


Add this game to the list: The Alovian Church - Roblox please. (This bug has been also been affecting another group.)


There’s a lot more, such as Dreamcraft.


What is the other group being affected?

If you know any other affected games be sure to post them. I hope it gets fixed too.

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Yes, I am having this issue too. In my own group, this game is private yet shows on the group page: T | Interview Center - Roblox

In another group I know, an outdated game is still shown on the group page: [THROWBACK] Kohaú Restaurant V1 - Roblox


This should be fixed now for good. Let us know if you see any other issues :slight_smile:

(ps happy cake day @Minstrix)


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