Profile Personalizing

A lot of players like adding fancy things to their Roblox profile to make it unique and stand out from other player’s profiles. This can be anything from fancy/squiggly text in their about me, using lots of emojis in any possible text fields, and even using images of game icons to their advantage. Which can allow players to do something cool such as this:

But some players have found a way to showcase a bad word, which will ruin it for the player who created the harmless situation above.

click to view bad image

So no doubt Roblox will find situations like this and remove them, and maybe prevent letters being uploaded as game icons entirely. But that wouldn’t be fair to those who don’t abuse this and only make harmless words.

I propose a feature where Roblox can allow players to add a special image somewhere, like a banner of sorts, to our profiles. Similar to how you can have a banner on twitter, but players can choose whether to have this at the top, middle, or bottom of their profile page (or all 3?) These images will of course be moderated just like any other image like decals and group icons.

Now I am not saying lets turn the profile into something like facebook or myspace, but there really isn’t anything players can do to make their profiles unique and interesting, especially if you are not a content creator on the site, then most player’s profile look plain and unoriginal.

Thoughts on this?


Adding onto this I also had some ideas a while ago to make the profile page a lot more alive.