Progressive Rollout of Future Lighting on Android Devices [Client Beta]

Hi Creators!

Future Lighting is coming to Android devices as a Client Beta and will be supported on all available platforms! We are going to start rolling out Future on Android progressively over the next 2 months, culminating in a full Beta release in September. This means that if you have an experience using Future Lighting, some of your Android users will start seeing your experience properly rendered with Future!:bulb::sunny:

ShadowMap Lighting on Android currently displayed instead of Future Lighting (Left)
vs. Future Lighting on Android (Right)

We are progressively rolling out the Client Beta of Future on Android due to the feature’s hardware-specific complexities. This approach will allow us to minimize impact to production in case of any unforeseen issues. Please note that we might have to temporarily rollback Future on Android for some users if we detect instabilities, which could cause fluctuations in the availability of Future on Android over the next two months.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with Future Lighting on Android devices. You can report issues either in this thread directly or file a bug report.

Enabling Future Lighting

You can enable Future Lighting for each place in your experience, by selecting Explorer > Lighting > Technology > Future.


You can learn more about Future Lighting and how to leverage it in our Lighting Documentation and in our Guide on Enhancing Environments with Future Lighting.

:yellow_heart: Made with love by the Engine team

Please let us know of your experience and if you encounter any issue during the progressive rollout of Future Lighting on Android.


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That’s a great update! The progressive rollout of Future Lighting on Android is exciting news for all the Android users out there. Is there any specific hardware requirements or recommendations for Android devices to ensure optimal performance with Future Lighting?


Will there be any more optimizations made to the future lighting engine? Even on more powerful devices, full graphics is not feasible. I have a GTX 1660 and in most games my PC is capable of running full graphics; crisper shadows and smoother anti aliasing


Why the left Photo looks better compared to the right one, considering the perspective is mobile?
(rhetorical question, for those who attempted to answer it)

So dark and gloomy, like look at that plant pot, or the background


Because art is subjective, and the right is set up to show off the tech, hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Glad this is finally happening! Can’t imagine dealing with the diversity of mobile SoCs was any small feat though lol



Does this as @2jammers mentioned mean that future lighting will get more optimizations? Will there ever be more optimizations for it?


does this mean that future lighting will ever be improved upon? many roadmap features unfulfilled and bugs


Hello, incredible update. Could you give us the specifications of what an average cell phone needs for the lighting to work? That is, if it works with any Android or it must have some basic characteristics. thank you so much.


Wow this is awesome! We’ve been waiting for this for about 3 years now. Also, does this mean that it will rollout to the Meta Quest client? I’d love to play VR with Future Lighting (without a pc).


Because futuristic lighting is a lighting technology, not a “make this look good plz” button


I guess you can report any bugs under here, since staffs may listen for bugs with new features - idk though




It is nice that were slowly extending engine capabilities further so that we can make projects look nicer
Though, is there any progress report on new voxel grid feature thats on the roadmap? Would it marginally extend engine capability when it comes to lighting?
Also this is oddly specific, but would “FroxelGrid” in the microprofiler have any future use other than culling?


Anyways, great to hear this feature being released for Android users to appreciate higher-quality games! At least this opens up the door to more quality on Android


devforum mods lack any and all reading comprehension and will hence determine this to be off-topic, but sure

Make local lights actually interact with beams in the latest FIB. A previous version did this.


Maybe I’m delusional, but I just updated Roblox, opened my personal project and found this, before the character shadows didn’t look like this (I can stress that I have no idea if it’s because of this change or if it’s something that wasn’t there noticed). Too bad I have nothing to compare it to. but it doesn’t suit me. Thank you.


At RDC 23 it was announced that a more optimized version of Future lighting was in development, is this what is being used for Andriod? will this more optimized version of Future be available for all platforms? The current Future lighting is a bit laggy.