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This is my first post on the Roblox DevForum, take some time to read (and reply) this!

I’ve been working on a game in Roblox Studio. It is going to be a first person action adventure/horror game filled with mysteries, clues, entities and bosses to fight back. I am a beginner in Roblox Studio and this is the first game I am making legitimately. I’ve made other games before, not like this one, all were very bad. I am starting to learn the basics of Lua and I’m watching various tutorials on YouTube to see how Lua, the Roblox programming language, works.

I’ve been working on this “game” since October 2022 and it went through various development versions and I’ve been working on this for a while now. Plus, I am making a lot of progress. This game will be called “CLASSROOMS,” a first person, adventure, action horror game. Below are some pictures of my progress so far.


No, I do not use ChatGPT to make the scripts inside this “game.” Typically, I watch tutorials on YouTube just in case I make an error in my code and I need to fix it before I can publish the development version to Roblox. I am a beginner in Lua & Scripting and I will be working on this project solo. This will be one of my biggest and possibly my most successful game projects ever in my Roblox history.

Any feedback or criticism is welcome! If you want to request features to be added or removed, you can do that here! If you’re wondering what the school name is, I decided to name the school “Marbel High School,” a fictional high school campus established in 1954.

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“I had to fix the poll because I used multiple choice instead of single choice.”

Game Link: Classrooms. ⏳ - Roblox

Take your time to reply to this!


Good luck on your journey, a few things to say,

  1. I recommend you add lights (you’ll prob get around to that but I recommend prioritizing that since it’d be more hard later on due to having to adjust more)

  2. Why do the window’s look like this :frowning:


Thanks for wishing me luck on my development journey for this game, I am a beginner in Roblox studio and I am currently learning the basics of Lua and how Lua works. Here is my answers to your questions/recommendations :slight_smile:

  1. Lights will be added soon I promise
  2. The windows look like this to match the style of the building, and I will also add an “air conditioner” unit because that’s what the “hole in the middle” is meant to be, which I will make after I finish the lights.


Here are some nice, bright lights!

should I make them darker to make it look scarier?

The building was the easiest part. The hardest part is making all this work (scripting)


They look great! I recommend adding flickering to the lights if you want to make it scarier!


I will be adding some kind of “flickering” effect to the lights but I will make them darker because i think what’s in the image is too bright.


I think it looks better (and more scarier) when the lights are darker. Now its time to add the flickering effect

"And I will be patching that hole in the middle dont worry :slight_smile: "


Here’s a nice flickering effect :slight_smile:


Here is a nice little “HVAC Unit” for the CLASSROOMS. There will be one hundred and fifty classrooms in the “game” for the player to explore, meaning that there will be one hundred and fifty of these :confused:
I will also add a barely visible “smoke” particle emitter to show that there is air coming out of the vents.

(also the “hole in the wall” is finally patched :slight_smile: )

“It’s not finished yet”


The AC is finished!

“And yes I will work on everything else”


Made a concept for the MiniMap that will be displayed on the right hand corner above the Health bar. It’s not the best but scripting this thing will be the toughest lines of code I’ve ever written.

When you are in an Elevator, the Minimap (the health bar will still be visible) will be hidden.

NOTE: The Dot is where the player is. When the player starts a new game, the player will spawn in The Reception, the only pre-opened area in the game other than Building A.

“I may possibly remake this soon its only a prototype. In the actual game, there will be icons next to the textlabels.”


Goodjob man, goodluck on your project. Even if it doesn’t turn out as you want, you will still learn a lot from a project like this!


Also I forgot to mention in the first reply, but you can also give me ideas for the game for tools, monsters, bosses/mini-bosses, the main monster, etc. because this is also a topic where you can make feature requests and ideas for CLASSROOMS.

In the meantime, here is the game map to get an idea where everything will be when the game comes out next year.

This same map but with inverted colors will be displayed in the MiniMap.

“This game has went through over 300 development versions and isn’t even finished yet. I will work on everything else.”


Good Luck for your Game ! :wink:


This here is starting to look like an actual classroom now!

(“and I will make it more detailed and add the other stuff”)


Thanks. I’m trying my best to make this as good of a “game” as possible. This is my first game I’m working on seriously and, just look at my other games I’ve made. They’re just nothing but worse than bad.

I made this post here just to show you on how I improved my development skills, from almost nothing but unplayable and random games, to full-on, successful, masterpiece games.

Before (2022)

  • Free Model Galore
  • Nothing but Copied Scripts
  • Most of these games are Unplayable
  1. “OBBY”

  2. “free admin game ;)”

  3. “run away from figure vw simulator” (Unplayable Game)

  4. “Super Oof Combat” (Revival soon)

  5. “plenton research nuclear matter core facility”

After (2023)

  1. CLASSROOMS (my best game yet)
  • Very Little to No Free Models
  • Scripts 90-100% Made by Me

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Could this be a good icon for the finished version of the game?




I am now working on the game UI. I tried my best to optimize the UI for phones, tablets and consoles because thats what most people will be playing the game on. The UI is not finished yet, but this is what I got for now:

What it looks like on a phone

What it looks like on an iPad

What it looks like on a PC

What it looks like on Xbox

What do you think? Should I add or remove anything? Should I change the color scheme of the UI? Put your feedback here!

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As I’m new to development and not a graphic design expert I may be wrong, but since a game icon is the first thing a player sees, maybe it would be better if it explained more about what the game is about. Imo a fuzzy background with the name of the game wouldn’t explain much to someone scrolling through the website looking for something new to play, and they may just skip over your game.
Again, correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, from someone creating their first (actual) game, this looks great! Nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback. This is only for the icon tho. However, the thumbnails will explain more about the game with screenshots inside the rooms and stuff. But after I release the full game next year, the icon may be changed to a screenshot of one of the rooms.

(“of course it needs to be finished first :]”)

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