Prop Hunt _ Mayhem

A classic comedy game brought to Roblox finally with tons of features and possibilities that other Prop Hunt games fail to achieve!

Choose whether you become a PROP or HUNTER and enjoy running, shooting, capturing and trolling around on some quite variety of maps that are waiting you to be explored and destroyed! :boom:

Prepare yourselves for some immense amount of fun and laughter with your fellow friends and family :family_man_woman_boy:

This is a DEMO(not everything is included there that the original game has) place of the game (Prop Hunt _ Mayhem) where you can play it for free to test out new features of the game before final release!


A couple points of feedback:

  1. Small props can move too fast - I was easily able to outrun hunters as a can of soda or a vase.
  2. You can go afk as a prop, making it nearly impossible to be found sometimes. There should be a script that kills the prop player if they’re afk too long (obviously warn that they need to move before they get killed).
  3. You can only become another prop in first person, which is super confusing. You can also use shift lock as a prop which led to a couple issues - I suggest forcing props into first person and turning off shift lock in the game.
  4. The maps need a little bit of work with hiding places, there are several spots in maps that are nearly impossible to find - while there should be good hiding spots in each map, the hunter is at a disadvantage.
  5. Props can get pretty glitchy. As a prop, I ran into the sofa prop and it glitched through the floor (see picture below).
  6. You definitely need to work on getting a coin system and a store in-game.
  7. If you reset as a hunter you are respawned wearing your regular avatar.

EDIT: There’s also a glitch where you get stuck in the floor if you switch from a small prop to a large one - no idea how you might fix that :confused:


It has potential but sometimes the game gets broken, you can’t shot, when u reset you respawn with your avatar and it has lacks of maps. If those thinks are fixed and plus the rest of stuff in the UI are worked on to be functional, it can be a really fun game.

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I was working on this game quite a while now and sice this is the first release to public, i am so thankful that those critical bugs appeared!

I am looking forward on fixing them asap! Thank you so much so far! :heartbeat:

The game is ok, the running animation is soo annoying. Looking down is like being 1 inch from the floor (like in VR). I’d suggest using normal walking. Also, props are veryfast compared to hunters and I don’t think you can sprint but I couldn’t get near the prop and due to the annoying visual (looking around) he got away. There are also small issues like walls colliding + images not being able to load in the menu. It’s a good game just some minor issues. hope this helps

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This looks like it will be a really good game in the future.

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I like the game, it’s very fun and playful, however these are some things that have occurred while playing:

  1. When switching to a sofa/couch, it tends to glitch into the floor and move all over the place, try fixing that.

  2. Being a larger prop (plant) makes the whole moving around process slower compared to a small props pace (Bloxy Cola etc.).

As feedback;

Try adding a feature where if there’s not a certain amount of players in-game, the game shouldn’t start just so players can’t play by themselves.

If there’s only 1 player in game but the target is for 6, wait until there’s 5 more people to play with and/or let the player into another lobby.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game but these are some things I hope you improve to make it better for the audience.

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Is this based of off GMOD? The combine soldier and the crowbar really reminds me of GMOD

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I appreciate your feedback
I will start fixing stuff as soon as possible!

Mostly yes. I got inpsiration from that game

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Even though they can play with one player in server too now, that doesnt mean they will get any pints, coins or anything at all at the end of the round SINCE the game is score based ^^

Should i post game log (updates) here or not?
Is it legal?

Try using #bulletin-board. [30 chars]

Is there a way of connecting this post to the new one that i will create on that category?

Just paste an link of the updates in here, i guess…


The current map on demos is only for demo, new made maps + community maps will be added soon

That sofa only is the glitchy one, ii got it from free models lmao

Working on it next!


That was a pretty annoiying bug that i have finally been able to fix it!

Working on this next!

Thank you so much again :heart:

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Definetally fixed that

Balanced props speed based on prop size

Also in near future hunters wil lhave unique ablities to buy and use from shop!

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I have finally managed to fix that too!

Nice game, things I found were from other people’s forum posts. Anyways, terrific job!

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This was a beautiful suggestion that i took in to considiration and made it!
Here is a small preview of how it would work:

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