Provide an Option to Replace the Roblox Logo in the Top Left

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create realistic games when they always have a Roblox logo always in the top left.


Please allow developers to replace the logo with a custom image, or just change the logo to look better by default. A hamburger/ 3 lines icon would be nice.

As Roblox moves towards realism, it seems silly to always have this strange logo that stands out in the top left, sort of ruining immersion.

You may argue that it’s iconic, but I feel like it’s instead stripping developers of choice. If you argue that it looks like a watermark, well, why is a watermark necessary?

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because games would be able to have an extra level of immersion.

Thanks. :]


I think it’s for safety reasons and because this is a UGC platform - you don’t want developers forcing kids to be stuck in a game fullscreen - this menu is a place of refuge and also contains common settings across all games, and the ability to report abuse.

That said, your idea is better than the usual “remove this button” which is instead to allow us to swap the icon out or tweak its styling.

I would support that personally, as players still know they can find the menu in the top left, and we still won’t be able to put other GUI over the top of it. It maintains that safety net while allowing us to make a more immersive experience.


I suggested this as well, and my suggestion was around just allowing to change the icon as well, since removing the entire button including background would, like mentioned by @BanTech, “trap” the less knowledgeable players in the game.


In my opinion it should be possible to rebind esc key as well if this change comes into Roblox. Many developers would want customizable esc menu that fits better in the game style.


I’m kinda for this. As mentioned above, it would be easy for developers to misuse this proposed feature and trap players in their game.

The logo is honestly really annoying and it would be great to have a bit of customization. Additionally, it would be cool if players can have their own personalized image for the menu.


I think there are some issues with this, but I definitely agree with it being annoying.

What I suggest instead is the ability to select from a selection of menu icons, and for Roblox to let us choose which one of those menu icons we want to use for our game. I especially agree with the hamburger icon.

Edit: Better yet, allow us to choose from a menu style, which determines what the entire roblox menu will look like, so that it can fit our game.