ProximityPrompt With Image Property

The ProximityPrompt is a great feature that would be even better if an image property could be added that is displayed in the prompt UI.

Games on other platforms have similar features in which the prompt shows not only text, but an image as well. A common example is in a farm game, when the player approaches a crop, the prompt shows an image of the type of crop that it is (such as an image of a carrot), along with the text. Another common example is an NPC with an image overhead showing that a quest is available.

There are many use cases in all game genres with the goal being showing more visual information to make gameplay easier and more intuitive.


I’d really like this feature to be supported officially by Roblox as it is much more aesthetical to use images for icons than Letters

This would be very useful for touch devices

Re-posting because this is relevant to this request. This feature has no need to be made because it can already be accomplished by using attributes.

IMO, the use cases for a proximity prompt with image(s) are so common that it should be a built-in property, so that developers can implement this instantly, rather than having to take the time to write custom code.

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Not everything needs to be just handed. Unfortunately you will need to put in your own work if you want something, the engine can only provide so much.

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Hi there! One thing thats nice about ProximityPrompts is you can customize them however you’d like - the UI for them can be totally overridden. And with attributes you can communicate to the script generating the prompts what you would want the image to be, etc. Proximity prompts as an instance will likely continue to be lean and simple.

Customization can seem a bit daunting (i made a module to make this a bit easier and you might find it helpful), but if you share what you want the image addition to look like i might be able to help you out?