PSA: Here's what you need to get promoted to Regular

I see a new topic being posted every day about the Regular rank and how to get to it.
To clear confusion, here’s a quick FAQ about the Regular rank.
Q: What is Regular?
A: Regular is a rank granted to you if you are active on the forum, and shows you being trusted on the forum more than just a Member.
Q: What privileges does Regular have?
A: The main privilege of Regular is being able to post in restricted categories without the need to use Post Approval, but it grants a few extra added privileges to you, such as the ability to post in otherwise hidden categories.
Q: How do you get promoted to Regular?
A: The promotion to Regular is automatic. When you meet the requirements, you will be told about your promotion.
Q: What are the requirements?
A: The exact requirements are kept hidden, but here’s mainly what you need to do to be promoted:

  • Have some likes on your posts
  • Post through Post Approval
  • Be active

Q: Why can’t you tell me the requirements?
A: They are being hidden for a reason. If a person knew the exact requirements, it would ruin the whole purpose and people would not try and be active on the forum. The only people which know the exact requirements are people that are paid employees at Roblox, and do not ask them as they won’t tell you.

I hope this cleared confusion about Regular!


Is there anything that this states that this doesn’t?

The requirements not being disclosed due to potential abuse is common sense.



I am just getting tired of posts in forum feeback that ask about Regular.

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Then just link them the official post lol

and, flag any new ones because that shows the poster didn’t search

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Your intentions are honourable but as @sjr04 virtually said, if they are not reading the official post, they most likely won’t read this either. I would also state that promotion is done almost entirely by post approval and moderation history now.

This is also inaccurate, you need to get a post through post approval quickly (awards post approval badge), constant use of post approval won’t help you if your having a bad experience every time.


Inaccurate. Likes are not involved at all.

The “how to level up” post was updated to clearly indicate what kinds of criteria you need to meet.


Instead of repeating what incapaz and the rest are saying, I’ll just ask you to stop posting for the sake of posting. You’re not even giving exact numbers…


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