[PSGA] Invitational Team Updated Information

Platinum Stars Gymnastics Academy

Invitational Team Gymnastics Program Information

What is the Invitational Team?

The Invitational Program was created for our top gymnasts. We hand-pick each gymnast invited to the team to ensure we have only the very best. It consists of Levels 1-10. 1, of course, being the easiest level, and 10 being the most difficult.

How is the program different?

The gymnasts on this team have practices and tryouts that will allow them to become even better. They also have the opportunity to compete against other gyms that use our system, as well as friendly competitions against their own team!

When are the classes?

Because we are short-staffed, class times will vary, but we’re hoping that classes for the Invitational Team will be at least 4 times a week.