Publish place confirmation dialog

As a Roblox Developer it’s currently impossible to feel secure when publishing a place through studio. I have multiple games I work on and accidentality miss clicking on a game icon is a very problematic situation to be in.

Currently to publish to any place be it your own or a group all you need to do is click the game icon and the game is published. There is no confirmation request, it’s an instant upload. Unless you’re the fastest hand in the west you’ll never be able to cancel a publish either.

Adding a 10 second window of time to abort a publishing action via the cancel button, or requiring developers to confirm their publish actions would help avoid any potential problems when publishing games.

A mockup of the dialog I’m pitching:


An even more secure solution: Have the ability to turn on 2-step verification for place publishing.


A quick fix would be: to be a bit more careful – but that’s a tedious process… I would know. After rifling through dozens of icons, one would want to take their time. It would put my mind to ease that there is a fail-safe in overwriting games.

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This should also specify copylocked vs. uncopylocked places.

I do not want to accidentally publish my game to an uncopylocked place. Especially since you can retrieve all versions of a copylocked place.


Publishing places is still a very rough and risky experience. Not only is finding the correct place a hassle at times, but actually committing the publish can be very dangerous.

Seen in the video:

  • the cancel button not working
  • the progress meter bar not moving
  • the publish window going unresponsive then immediately closing
  • and the place still publishing even after the cancel button was pressed multiple times

in short, canceling did not work. In the rare case that the publishing dialog doesn’t freeze, you’re still met with the same exact problem in the original post.

Unless you’re the fastest hand in the west you’ll never be able to cancel a publish either.

Publishing a game should not be this risky. The damage that could be done by thinking the cancel button worked (assuming you could even click it) could be huge, especially if the only way to fix said mistake is to shut down every single game server and revert game versions.


Alternatively, if confirmation isn’t added, it would also be great if, once you’ve published, there’s a one click undo button that undoes the publish.

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Doesnt this essentially already exist with the ability to revert to former place versions? I don’t think it’d be worth the time to add another ‘undo’ button when you can easily revert the place version in the games settings seconds after publishing.

What makes this more scary is that the short command for publish is alt + P with no confirm dialog.
Is there any plans to add this maybe?