R6 animations sometimes do not load in or play (been happening in most r6 games today)

Reproduction Steps

A few hours ago. (around 5:30pm MST) I got a lot of reports from my players that in my game Flee The Facility, some animations were not loading and not playing. some were saying the hammer swings / crawling / sometimes walking did not play. This is a critical issue because my gameplay requires animations to play and win. I played other r6 games like Prison Life and noticed some animations were not playing too. This issue seems to happen randomly on all devices so it is hard to reproduce.

player not sitting on seat in prison

one of my players got these client error messages

I have figured out a way to reproduce the r6 sit animation not playing. I create a new place with a seat object, upload it and change the game setting to r6 avatars and standard animations. When you play in studio, the player sits and the animation plays. When you play the game, the player does not play the sit animation and no errors appear.

Expected Behavior

r6 animations should be playing but they sometimes don’t.

Actual Behavior

My players have also seen animations not playing in other r6 games too. So I worry this is a site wide bug. here are some videos my players have shared from a few hours ago.


players tell me the only work around is to rejoin the game and hope it does not happen.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2022-11-08 17:11:00 (-07:00)


I tested this myself, and the error seems to only be reproduceable in live servers (not in studio), and only happens with R6 characters. The root cause from my testing is the falling animation. If you make a script that prints to the client about which animations are playing (using Animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks(), and checking which animation has the most amount of playing tracks, it turns out to be the FallAnim. You can exceed this AnimationTrack cap simply by jumping, as this triggers the falling animation, which seems to never stop playing. If you jump in a fresh R6 live game for 1-2 minutes, you start getting the AnimationTrack cap warning.

Here is a game file which contains the script that I used to check which animation is playing repeatedly in the Animator (excuse the poor coding):
ANIMTESTING.rbxlx (39.4 KB)
Again, this DOES NOT work in studio, and only happens in live R6 games. I hope this helps in understanding this bug more, and helps the engineers discover why it’s happening.


I’ve noticed in my game today that when I take out a tool the arm does not go out like it normally does, just stays in the idle position, happens with any tool selected. This only happend in an actual roblox server and not studio.


I’ve noticed this as well, but it is happening for me with R15 and a custom setup for Animations that sets the Transform property of Motor6D’s every frame. It’s like the setting of the Transform property is just being ignored or overwritten. Also no errors or warnings printed anywhere and it still works in Studio.

More in depth, I noticed it will work on live Servers the first time you step into the batter box, but only if your character hasn’t jumped yet. If you jump before stepping into the box, or step into the box a second time it remains broken.


Having these issues at all our community’s R6 enabled games too.


This is a critical bug which is game-breaking in some instances. From what I can tell, it happens in every game which uses R6. For example, games such as the classic Crossroads by Roblox are impacted by this.

After some very brief testing, here’s some of what I’ve concluded:

  • Climbing ladders does not play climbing animations. This sometimes doesn’t allow players to finish climbing, leaving them stuck at the top of the ladder.

  • Tools are not held correctly. The tool grip animation is completely missing. This breaks many tools with scripts which rely on the tool’s CFrame, as well as ruining the cosmetics of every tool in R6 games.

  • As @iiPotatoFlamesii has already noted, it appears that the animation for a character’s freefall fails to load completely.

An example of the first two issues listed above can be seen in this GIF I took at Roblox’s Crossroads:


Unfortunately, I am unable to consistently reproduce this bug. I have joined three games in a row within the past few minutes. One of them was a random somewhat popular game, one was my own game, and the last one was the Crossroads game linked above.

The only similarities between these games is that they all only support R6 (and have tools, but I believe that’s unrelated as the bug happens before any tools are equipped).

Upon rejoining two of the aforementioned games (Crossroads and my own game), the bug ceases to exist. I can’t narrow down what was causing it unless it was literally fixed a couple minutes ago.

It might be useful to note that this bug has been occurring at least since 7:30 PM EST, as I received a DM around 5 hours ago from a player of my game who was reporting the same exact issue. At the time, I figured it was just a rare bug regarding animations failing to load, but it seems much more consistent after witnessing it several times myself.


Hi, is anyone still able to reproduce this issue? If so, what platform are you using and can you share a link to a minimum repro place? Thanks!


I tried to reproduce it again this morning, and the bug did not happen. This morning, I also have not seen any reports of animations breaking from players. Was a fix made or R6 code reverted? Because it seems to be fine now.

Can confirm experienced this issue frequently yesterday but as of today it has not occurred again.

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Animations just broke again, any engineers willing to figure out what’s causing this to happen almost every week?

Here’s a minimum repro game for proof: Untitled Game - Roblox
The animations that are broken are: Idle, Sit, Climb, Fall, and Item holding.
This only happens in a real game, not in studio
The only workaround is to upload the animations ourselves, but this still needs to be fixed immediately


This is happening to my game starting today again.

This started occurring in my game today. It seems to be a client sided issue because I see some animations play that others cannot.

Update: a tiny fix may or may not have caused the bug to happen again

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Hi this is happening currently on my game: [UPD] Korblox & Headless Hangout - Roblox

We use R6 swords, and the animation seems wholly broken! You can take a look for yourself if you go into the arena.

Although here’s a reproduction:

Using the Linked Sword: Linked Sword - Roblox
reproductionR6.rbxl (46.4 KB)

  1. Take the file and upload it to Roblox
  2. Force R6 on avatars
  3. Join a live session (doesn’t happen in-studio)


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@Osyris Forgot to ping you about this. Hope it get fixed soon!

Same here. Here’s an image of how to describe my situation:

This ONLY happens for R6. I tested all my R6 games and it’s bugged like this for every game.
It is fine for R15:

This is happening in my game as well, handcuffs do not work at all and it’s ruining the player experience entirely. ⛓️ Stateview Prison - Roblox

Are we able to expect a patch on this soon?

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So first of all, roblox is experiencing some performance issues with cross-play etc, already reported it. But im assuming this is another error that may be updated/fixed soon. I don’t know a set time/date, But they should be working on this R6 problem soon. Any info should be posted here: status.roblox.com, or on the devforum.

This issue is currently happening in my game, can we get an update on if this is currently being investigated

Game link: Combat Warriors - Roblox

Same thing from when this happened 6 days ago.

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