R6 to R15 Adapter [Beta]: Enable R15 Tech in R6 Experiences

yes because i screenshot 15 year old accounts daily and post them to the internet archives

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I personally agree with you. People who played ROBLOX before the R15 update would be mad at ROBLOX for removing something iconic in their history, including the playerbase’s childhoods.

So seeing this approach is not a good idea at all and this could ruin ROBLOX’s reputation for their older audience who played the game during 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, etc. Even with their recognition as well.

I say this because R6 was one of the reasons why ROBLOX has been recognised by people, including ROBLOX’s popularity has increased. Once ROBLOX has decided to remove R6, ROBLOX would be less recognised as themselves, and instead, a completely different game that doesn’t feel like ROBLOX anymore.


This is by far the most egregious thing Roblox can do to its community.
They are looking into removing the most iconic character in Roblox.
Please stop erasing our history. You have already done enough damage by erasing other historical items.

This is super misleading as its accounting for the insane amount of botted accounts that currently exist.


I have done some testing with this update and here are some very large and obvious flaws I and dozens of others have found.

  1. Jump/fall animations do not play in full, usually stopping about halfway.
  2. Any type of animation that uses non-linear keyframe easing will not play at all.
  3. There is a ton of added feet sliding when the original animations had none of these issues.
  4. Body parts are scaled to a comical level (such as the head and lower torso).
  5. Many R15 artifacts are still present (obvious wrist and ankle joints, ugly lower torso).

I have no idea why someone would even think these changes would be a good idea, linked at the bottom is a video that clearly shows these problems.

On an additional note, I would like to say that many animators I see in animation communities almost always use R6 over R15 for multiple reasons such as style, posing, and how rough the R15 body looks when compared the cleaner, simpler R6 style.

Watching my years of animation work be taken by roblox and destroyed by the corporate, dystopian landscape of the modern, investor-first Roblox culture has been devastating for me, and I’m sure this has also impacted a ton of other people as well.

When Roblox claims they’re “Preserving the R6 look and feel”, similar to their supposed “98%” statistics, this is an outright lie that nobody should take at any value.

problems with this update


Ok Roblox, I agree to delete R6 if you guys fix R15 making it a skinned rig by default, this is the only reason that I hate R15, the joints are weird and it makes everything is terrible visually because you cant animte the character without it having weird corners


They’re not removing R6, they’re just going to stop updating it (unless a major bug uprises with it)
I agree with making R15 a skinned rig though. There is a custom skinned rig that someone has made, but it would be nice to have official support for a skinned R15 mesh from roblox.


Can we seriously not force an unnecessary change like this? Pre-R15 games are a product of their era, so it only makes sense that they aren’t equipped with the latest technologies. And what if this emulator ends up breaking R6 games? Just to have layered clothing and dynamic heads? Really? Don’t force an update on games that have no chance of undoing. If you are giving developers a choice in the first place, let them opt-in if they so choose. Don’t force old games to adopt new technology that might break them.

People use R6 because of its limitations. People like R6 because it is not like R15, otherwise they would use R15. I don’t think anyone wants to see R6 become a deformed version of R15. And if this change will be forced across all old games, then what will happen to R6 itself on the avatar editor? Will avatar “unification” be forced upon R6 in the avatar editor? We have no word about this, but please do not make it the case.

I like the idea of a emulator, don’t get me wrong. I know that Roblox is acting in good faith and are trying to bridge the gap between the rigs. But if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. It is completely senseless to force an update that could break many old games. I am concerned that R6 games will be broken by the forced adoption of R21. Not to mention, we have no information what will happen to R6 in the avatar editor itself.

The best way to preserve the old classic style, is to not remove it.


Why don’t you just let R6 and R15 co-exist. Nobody was complaining about layered clothing for R6 in the first place, so why are you changing it.


I’m honestly 50/50 with this change. I really don’t mind R6 becoming deprecating because everything you can do with it can easily be done in R15 as well. You can make it look the same with skinned meshes, and some other minor rig adjustments quite easily, in a short amount of time.

These were tiny work arounds with the help of @Stalkalek’s animation pack for the R6 classic R15 animations.

I had to do some minor tinkering to the Motor6Ds to line up the parts closer to the classic proportions. I wish these workarounds were not necessary and were rather handled at the engine level, but because this took less than half an hour, I really don’t mind.

The setup is quite poor for layered clothing as again this took like 30 minutes but I’m sure someone could make it way better with more time.

It’s not a bad update, but they definitely need to get the proportions looking more comfortable before any of this is forced. By the looks of it idle animations and other default core script animations now play on the emulation layer, which means our animations are likely fine, but yeah this is my only complaint.

I guess I just don’t see any point in trying to get R6 to stay when we need to figure out how to get R15 to do the things that R6 could do, but maybe even better than before.

That’s just my two cents, and I don’t really plan on replying to any comments in response to this. Just wanted to leave my thoughts.


Will we still be able to use R6 for our avatars after R6 is deprecated? Or will all avatars have to use R15 after this?


I’m also wondering about this.

Given that Roblox usually marks API related functions to deprecated and says to not use them for new work, I’d imagine the toggle is removed from the website. However, the engine will likely still recognize a R6 rig if it’s forced in a game.


Deprecation is still a long way off (at absolute minimum a good couple of months, and you know how long Roblox takes to get features right), so I trust Roblox to give us a more comprehensive plan for deprecation as time goes on. Remember that we’re in Studio-only beta for the first part of a 3-part feature to even start the process of R6 deprecation. This being a very big feature, Roblox will probably provide more information on how deprecation will look, as well as alternatives for avatars and experiences when the time comes.

Right now, I’d say not to worry about deprecation too much. This is definitely the beginning of the end of R6’s technology stack, but the cutoff is a long way out.

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That’s not okie dokie. Will we be able to use Original R6 after deprecation?


This is a bad idea (of deprecating R6) because many old games that use R6 will break and (for now) the adapted avatar doesn’t look and feel like R6
The best solution is keeping R6 if you wanted you could also add the advanced features to it (it may be harder to add them)



If you are even going to read this, please just allow R15 and R6 to coexist. Please just leave the option to have games either R6 or R15.


You cant just remove thing that millions of users prefer more right???.. right?..


No, no and no. This update is awful and can and will break many animations out there. For me personally i think this update is behind the most awful we have seen yet. I think you should not sunset R6 just yet, atleast for some time being.

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I’ve just saw some info on this and tested this out briefly.

It’s not bad, but it does need some improvement. One of the problems I had is the way the Motor6Ds are set up and how awkward it functions. I don’t know how to describe it. Why is “Left Shoulder” inside “Torso” disabled and why does it snap incorrectly when I enable it?

As for the actual R6 rig, while it does suck that R6 is being “phased out”, I’m just glad it’s just planned to be deprecated rather than removed.

(Please note that I’m not great at writing…)

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This is probably one of the worst moments in Roblox’s history…
Each user’s avatar is supposedly meant to represent their owner’s persoality and likings and therefore should not be limited. This is something that Roblox has stated multiple times and that doesn’t seem to be acomplished right now…
If you want to let your players to freely be what they want in their platform then just keep things as they were, because there is no actual reason for removing them…
If you want to keep both styles compatibles at least give us a good version of r15 that LOOKS and FEELS exactly like r6, but not this thing we have now…
This is going to highly affect Roblox’s community, making it worse than it already is… It will break many many old roblox games and destroy all the history of this incredible platform…
THIS is my feedback.

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Please, do not even plan on releasing this my character got changed and the idle animation broke because I enabled it and also dances broke too