R6 to R15 Adapter [Beta]: Enable R15 Tech in R6 Experiences

Thats the thing though, roblox hasn’t mentioned the avatar editor one single bit. If roblox is willing to put classic faces offsale and force a gamebreaking emulator onto old games, I have little doubt roblox is also willing to force it into the avatar editor.

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I’m pretty sure that when you imply something, that doesn’t necessarily mean that what is said, is what is suggested that isn’t at face value.


I don’t suggest anything though.

How do you get at that conclusion unless you’re intentionally misinterpreting what I said?

Im not trying to interpret what you said nor did i try to make any conclusion at all. All i did was say that you dont need to explicitly state your claim, opinion or idea in order to convey the general message of what youre trying to send.

(i replied because i accidentally deleted my post sorry about that)

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can you add “6 body part with r6” options for avatar editer


I think what really confuses me and other people. are you guys removing R6 completely? thousands of us who still use R6 and don’t like using the newer character bodies. Many are concerned if you guys are going to remove it.

It’ll basically be completely replaced by an R15 package that simply looks like R6, but they’ve said that it won’t happen until most people are prepared for the R6 removal.

So yeah, it’ll most likely be gone in 1-2 years sadly.

isn’t popular r6 game exists???

I have a rig that I am waiting to get UGC to upload to the catalog and then make it opensourced for everybody to use, it basically stays as close as possible to R6 visually even shading wise.


for anybody not interested in checking my twitter tho here’s a video:

“R6” Version

And yes, it does quite in fact work with clothing

consider checking out the rest of my profile about it:


We are expanding the R6 to R15 Adapter beta to be available across experiences – not just in Studio. If you opt-in, you can now publish R6 experiences with access to the latest R15 features.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback – we’ve been listening and using it to make updates and fix bugs on a rolling basis.


Please please PLEASE do not make this an “opt-out” feature. If you are giving players the ability to choose between R6 and the emulator, please don’t force this update onto countless old games that run the risk of being broken for a cosmetic update. Please keep it opt-in or at the very least only make it opt-out for new games only. The current direction of using an R15 rig with no elbows or knees is not a good replacement for R6, so please don’t make it. ALSO please clarify what will happen to R6 in the avatar editor. The radio silence on that is worrying.


my best guess about this could be one of three things:

  1. R6 will have both previews of old R6 and new R6, giving support to new bundles, animated heads, and more.
  2. R6 will be completely replaced by new R6, but probably they will fix as many bugs as possible so it will be fine.
  3. R6 will not have previews for new R6, but in games with new R6 you will be forced to use it.

What do you think would be the best option for it?

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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did you know about people who abandoned his r6 game name here for few year ago?

@narutokyubo It’s incredible how many people voted for option 2. I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s the best thing to completely replace the old R6. As much as I understand Roblox’s decision to create a new adapter for R6, I believe that if people wish to use the old R6 in their games, it should be their choice.

Plus, they stated that R6 would only be deprecated, so I would be very surprised if they actually remove it and replace it with the new adapter. We can still use deprecated items to this day, so I don’t understand why we couldn’t also use the old R6 and choose not to use the adapter with its R15 features.

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For sure would be a good addition to this adapter keeping that nice beveling the R6 model has.

tbh if r6 gets removed off roblox to select then ill quit roblox and never join it again BECAUSE IF THEY END MY BELOVED BODY TYPE THEN I WONT EVEN LIKE IT WITH OTHERS

they cant end r6 and remove it for avatar selection because then ill never play roblox and others even quit too and roblox gets unpopular and falls off

R6 technology isn’t going to be removed, just deprecated. Roblox has also stated that they’re going to keep the look and feel of R6. You don’t have to worry about R6 being replaced with R15, because if Roblox allowed that to happen, then a lot of people would quit the platform.

wait so i still can choose normal r6 and use normal r6 in games when its deprecated?

You probably can’t, BUT roblox did say they will keep the look and feel of R6 around. So you can still have an avatar that feels like R6, but isn’t.

But hey, they haven’t removed the switch yet, so R6 is still here. For now at least.