Ragdoll Laggy on Other Clients

I’m making a server sided ragdoll script for my fighting game, and things are working fairly well.
It’s smooth on the ragdolled player’s client, but to other people their limbs look choppy and laggy.
It works fine on non-player characters.

Looks smooth on victims client

Looks choppy on attackers client

NPCS look smooth on attackers client

I’ve already tried setting network ownership to the server, and to the ragdolled player. Any help?


I found that disabling and reenabling the RootJoint in the HumanoidRootPart of the ragdolled player made the ragdoll much smoother on other clients.

Just putting this here in case anyone else needs help.


I know bumping this isn’t that good; but
The camera falls through the floor and kills the player when I have disabled RootJoint.

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Sorry for not putting this in the original post, but I just welded the HRP to the torso while the joint is disabled.

When you reenable it, you get rid of the weld.

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Alright, thank you for responding!

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can I just ask how can I disable this RootJoint

Its in the humanoidrootpart on R6.

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What ragdoll did you use? if you made a custom one how did you manage the limb collisions? did you make them all collidable with each other or non collidable

I’d use special shaped collisions with custom physical properties, they’re super fun to mess with