Random "kicked due to unexpected client behavior" kick message

I began to get this error message 3 weeks ago, I just got this error right now. I do not use exploits and do not store them on computer, therefore this error is not justified and it is not clear why it appears. I think this is if you very often go to different places, maybe the client thinks that I am doing it through exploits.

The saddest thing is that I can’t play Roblox for several hours, after a while the error disappears.

I tried to find out what could cause this error, I found a post that explains the problem in more detail.


It’s normal for it too happen to you like that when you are not using exploits it just thinks your doing something wrong it’s kinda dumb tbh. it happened to be before about a year ago whenever i was on PC sometimes it would give me that error code for no reason but on my other device it does not do that that is just weird

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this is on Roblox’s side of things, it’s a temporary soft IP ban that usually goes away in an hour or two, it usually happens when your server hopping multiple times, or Roblox suspects you of exploiting. this has been a problem since 2020, back then it was relatively simple to fix all you needed to do was locate a file found in the Roblox root folder and delete it, I’m not sure when they’re gonna fix this it has been happening to me multiple times daily, as for a solution for this besides using a VPN is just waiting it out

Thanks for the report! Any chance you could provide a bit more info? See here How to post a Bug Report