Randomly disconnecting from games because "Same account launched from different device"

Update as of 09/11/2021.
Bug status: Still existent, was gone for a while, has come back.
Error: 264

I’ve had a few disconnections lately that have made no sense what so ever. I’ve been disconnecting from the game with a disconnection message. The message displays the text “Error: Same account launched from different device” but this could not have happened with my account. You see I have 2FA turned on my account and leading to my phone email. I would be the only person to access my account, but it still happens. What’s going on? Below is some more information:

  • The bug happens at random
  • It just started happening out of the blue
  • My account has 2FA and my phone email attached, how could someone possibly get onto my account and join a game?
  • I’ve reset my password and email 3 times, problem still occurs.

Now you can’t really “reproduce” the bug, as it happens at random. It really has started to make me frustrated because i’m playing a game, disconnect, and loose all of my progress. I’m not sure what’s happening, is it just me or is it you too?

Screenshot not available due to the fact that it happens at random, and I didn’t take a screenshot at the time posting this bug report.


Hmm that’s odd. This happens to me when I am in-game and I get banned/warned from Roblox (which happens to me a lot), but I would assume this isn’t the case for you since you’d certainly know if you were being banned on Roblox.


When you happen to repro, could you send us the error code (as well as the log if possible) so that we can identify potential issues more easily…? Thanks.


It says “Same account launched from different device” every time I disconnect, and my friends say the same, it started happening to me the day posting this message, but my friends have experienced this issue before.

Edit: it actually started happening before but the day posting this post, it has gotten really bad

Edit2: here’s the screenshot:
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 6.32.13 PM


I am currently experiencing the same situation. This has happened to me twice and I’m confident my account is secured by having 2FA alongside doing constant session logouts and password changes after each ‘disconnections’.

Is this still happening to you, Skylexion?


I have had the same issue occur occasionally, maybe a couple times a week for months. I also have 2FA, and have logged out all other sessions to no avail. Yesterday was particularly bad, it happened 3 times in a row and 6 times in total. It also happened twice today.

Same error code, 273


Not as much, maybe once in the past week.


This still happens to me as well
My account is secured with 2FA and it’s not possible that someone else is in my account
It happens randomly when I get teleported into the main game from the lobby


This happens to me sometimes, just crash in an game(And sometimes it will work with ALT+F4 too) and just rejoin fast. It will say someone is on your account.


I have this issue occur to me rarely / uncommonly.

A pattern I notice is it happens if a there is a pre-existing Roblox process running (viewable in task manager, background apps) or if you try to join, leave and rejoin too quickly.

Other times it happens at random situations.


This is a common complaint in my game during teleportation from the lobby. We’ve added a system to rejoin the last match so they don’t lose their items that they added to the lobby, but this is a kind of dumb workaround for an issue that’s not our fault (I think).


This happens to several players
People said that they keep disconnect from games because same account launched from a different device
They think that their account was hacked so they change their password and they disconnected again


This has been happening to me recently, I have 2FA on my account and have changed my password a few times because of this.


This error gives me a heart attack every damn time. I think it’s a Roblox server error

EDIT: After I made this everyone started making heart attack jokes below me. Anyways thanks for the likes. Glad I could make your day!


Yeah. Changing your password doesn’t help. This happened to me about 5 times within 20 minutes, 3 before changing my password and 2 times after a while back. It finally stopped after i waited 5 minutes before joining another game. Scared the living crap out of me each time it happened. This happened on iOS.


Really annoying, i exit out Roblox and it still shows the same thing


This issue is still occurring and I would love to not have a heart attack each time. Please fix!


i think i’m responding a little late…

hi, i have a friend who had exactly the same thing happen to him as you, he has all the checks enabled and that happens to him, well that was exactly a year ago, in early 2020.


good evening and this is STILL a problem on the platform after one year

i’d like to not go into cardiac arrest every time i join a game



ah yes this thing, it happens to me whenever i try to rejoin after a roblox client crash. sometimes there is a ghost process in task manager, try killing that or waiting a bit