Randomly disconnecting from games because "Same account launched from different device"

Same happening. I changed all informations 2-3 times. But still occur. Anybody solved the problem? Please say if you found how to fix. I’m afraid of my account being stolen.


I’ve noticed a pattern when this happens. It seems to happen when something else is running in the background and join and rejoin too quickly. I guess it’s because roblox doesn’t realise that you’ve left yet or something along those lines?

No, don’t worry, it’s not because you got hacked. I’ve had this error many times and my account is perfectly fine.


It’s happening to me right now.

I’ve just had this happen to me, but nobody knows my password or has access to my account. (Since I have 2FA, an account pin & I don’t click on any suspicious links.)

I knew this issue was happening at the time so I wasn’t that scared about it.

Game Link: Group Recruiting Plaza 6.0 - Roblox


this has happened to me multiple times. 90% of the time had no login email/notifications. the other 10% of the time, lets just say I need to secure my account more

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This has happened to me 50 percent of the time, and sometimes even if I try repeatedly, I can’t join a game. I’m not sure if this is because of my internet, or something else. However, I find that if I sign out of all other sessions, the problem goes away temporarily.


This happens to me just now. Mainly it happens to me when getting teleported in another game, I already reset my cookie, changed my password, Sign out all other sessions, and my 2FA has always been turned since then.


It happened to me yesterday because my email got changed and someone was in my account. kept happening over and over until i figured it out. try secure signing out (i recovered my account before anymore damages were done)

I assume it’s this as well, but it’s still an important issue as many games require teleportation to other places. I’ve been trying to play a game with a matchmaking system, but every time it teleports me to the other place, I get this error, It’s quite annoying and breaks some games.

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This also happened to me but happens rarely. I think the issue is on roblox’s side in which you left a game or a place, but Roblox failed to update a player’s in-game state.

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This has happened to me multiple times while trying to afk inside of a game called “Group Recruiting Plaza”, and can be quite annoying because It usually will take ~1-10 minutes for this to happen.

This bug is not fixed yet, I experience this bug always when my game crashed and it says -“Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect”
You will see “Please check your internet connection and try again” after a while when your ping freezes and anybody are walking in the place or stuck in the air.
This occurs when your IP address changes - and that’s why you disconnect and when you try to connect back it will say “your account is launched from a different device”. That is because Roblox detected 2 different IPs. It does not only happen when you lose a connection, your IP can always change, and when you try to join a Roblox game that may give you the same error.
The only way to fix this bug is to buy a fixed IP that never changed, in my country it costs 4 USD$(Call your internet provider).
Also that error may give you information if someone tried to play a game on your account from a different device. If that happens not because of the IP change, Go into your settings on roblox.com - Security - Sign out from all different devices - change your password.
This is the only solution and if there are more solutions please let me know.

Have a great day!


No worries @Niqhtlyy.
I gave a solution in my reply.

This hurts, just seeing that message can get you stressed.

I just had this happening to me while playing The Backrooms. Completed 4 levels for nothing.

Will that bug be fixed by roblox soon? I have no idea about IP addresses, I just want this to be gone and play roblox peacefully. Is it too much to ask for these days? Thanks for providing this information.

This is actually annoying at this point. Roblox gives mostly trash updates like the group wait, and now THIS? Its consistent, and I think I can consider roblox’s quality garbage at this point. They cant even make 50% of the community happy. Dissapointed.


I just want to play with my friend, but this damn issue keeps happening.

That’s the solution. Roblox needs to put a timer so it waits 20 seconds before disconnecting and giving you the error

that’s a different error…?
I don’t think this error has anything to with different IP addresses, rather it has to do with having 2 roblox games running on the same account.
also that isn’t a solution to this error. The ip isn’t the issue in this case, it’s roblox having places run while trying to teleport users to another place that is causing the issue

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