Range Fog Incoming

Just got it in the latest Roblox update. Seems to be enabled now and it’s instantly better! :ok_hand:


Oh snap! I guess I did not see that coming!


No need to be excited when it’s already out. :eyes:


Isn’t it even more exciting when it’s already out?


Looks really neat! definitely going to appreciate this change!

The fog definitely needed changes, thanks for making this possible!

I still remember when the fog feature was released way back, I believe 2011.
So it’s good to see some attention being given to it.

Awesome, now all we need is to be able to cast light beams through a new object like smoke machines, this would open so many possibilities in Roblox, image being able to create beams with lights instead of having to make beams, or a ton of parts! I wish I could post in Engine Features.

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In the rules it states that you can use the post approval process to create topics in categories like Engine Features, make sure to review them:

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Nice, I forgot about that rule. Thanks for the refresher!!

Nice, now when are god-rays coming? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All my fog problems have been solved! Now the fog looks a lot more realistic!! Thanks!

Now this fog will instill true fear into the hearts of players!

that is, if I can even make a spooky game…

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Wow, this is great! This would definitely be beneficial to my new game!

Can the skybox being overly visible through the fog PLEASE be fixed :disappointed_relieved:


Why do I not even have range fog? It’s been many weeks since this post was announced.

Possibly because your client was not updated

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Client’s been updated multiple times for me, I don’t understand how this doesn’t include range fog for me.

Horror games are going to be so much better, now that the fog won’t be in a square, thank you!

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