Range Fog Incoming

Perhaps create a new fog entity called " Cloud Fog " thats controllable on axis

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Awesome update I can see Many developers using this.

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It’s a nice touch but I’m waiting for when you fix the outline between the distant parts in the fog and the skybox.


Dark times are ahead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, another small but great improvement to the Roblox engine; this, coupled with Future is Bright, is drastically improving Roblox. Thank you everyone who worked on this!


Wait, what’s the difference? Doesn’t seem any different to me.

The old fog is basically a gradient perpendicular to the camera while the new range fog is a more realistic radial fog.


Oh, didn’t try adding fog ever before, but the comparison is amazing. I can see the improvement in the fog compared to before. Perfect when wanting to work on showcases if you ask me. :wink:

It would be cool if there was an option to keep the fog attached to the character, which could allow for games to obscure any objects that are too far from the character. You can kind of already do this by making the world completely dark and placing a point light in the character, but if you want a different color you can’t really do that.

this should probably go into a feature request but i'm too shy to do the post approval procedure plus i havent thought of many good use cases and bleh

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You can also use a billboardgui that’s the size of the screen with a frame that’s the same color as the fogcolor (this method also allows sunbeams)


A simple and surprisingly beautiful way to allow to fade from fog to skybox is to to add an option to make the fog color transparent. At least that’s how I always did it in my XNA games.

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This is all I ever wanted from fog! I only have 2 (functional) situations where I ever use fog:

  • For atmosphere, to add tension and mystery.
  • To hide parts of the game, that are incomplete or still loading.

And this solves both of those! Obscuring the sides, leaving the player more vulnerable, and allowing me to increase the fog distance based on a loading radius; a much higher amount than the previous arbitrary amount (way too much math to calculate every time) I had to guess based on the field of view.

Everything else I can think of that I want to achieve can be done with particle emitters and client side changes. I have nothing more I want from fog. Perfect.


This is nice I guess, but I’m still waiting on volumetric fog…


Thank you for listening to me! Finally! We needed this!

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If you look at fog at a distance and rotate your camera, the sight range directly in front is not as far as the sight range on the corners. This lets you see farther past the fog by turning your camera so the most distant object is in the corner of your screen, and it also makes the fog look “square.” I hope I explained that well enough.

This could be a really nice little improvement to horror games on Roblox. :thinking:


We all know it’s impossible to do that without destroying time and space.

But I would love that.

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That’s amazing. I like how Roblox is starting to have better graphics!

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This is definitely going to be a game changer. Should be great too see this implemented into current and upcoming games! :slight_smile:

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Just got it in the latest Roblox update. Seems to be enabled now and it’s instantly better! :ok_hand:


Oh snap! I guess I did not see that coming!