Rate my Low-Poly car

So, this is my second attempt at Low-Poly style building, you can see the first one here.

The First Low-Poly Build

Rate my Low-Poly speed build - #19 by blazinco

Heres the pictures!

Car pics

Comparison to humanoid

Give me any thoughts or suggestions please!


Its really nice for your second time making a car, all I would change is the shape of the windows and try adding lights at the front and back but otherwise its nice :slight_smile:

Its a nice simple blue car. You should try to make a low poly truck next. I think the care came out pretty well for your 2nd time.

This is my first time making a car, my second time making something Low-Poly.

It looks nice, but I’d add like head lights and brake lights. Possibly even a tag?

I was thinking about that! anything other building suggestions?

Oh ok, Its still impressive.:slight_smile:

Oh yeh! good idea! Thanks man! idk how i would do the tag tho.

Hmm, for low poly I’d say go with C0_le and start with a low-poly truck then advance.

Add some roads and bridges, Also try with like basic pickup truck then semi truck or van.

Just do a block, surface GUI, then text.

Not really much of a builder nor GUI specialist but that’s how I assume you do it. :joy:

@Desirevoids @C0_le @8To_oT8 I have a dilemma. based off this picture,
Which side is the front?

The front would be where it curves down more and extends down more. So, the right.

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hmm, makes sense. I’ll go ahead and work on the car a bit more, want me to keep you updated?

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F= Front
B= Back

@SchwarzWalde Yes, please. I’d love to see what you do. :smiley:

Hello fellow Developer, SchwarzWalde

I’m very impressed as this is only your second low-poly build, I find it a bit interesting tho.


  • Change the rim color to a darker gray to add more of a realistic look.
  • Change the window color a little bit, maybe a tint kinda.

Thank you for reading,


Thanks alot! I’ve worked on it a bit, and It looks nicer! can you give me your opinion on this topic,

Voting link

Which rims are better?