rblxRP - FOSS Rich Presence for Discord

rblxRP allows you to use Discord’s rich presence feature on Roblox.

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What seperates this from other rich presence software such as roPresence - Rich Presence for ROBLOX

Where as RoPresence requires a bot, a server to run a bot on, and you to have joining games open, rblxRP runs entirely on your computer, detecting the Roblox process running on your computer.

For installation and troubleshooting instructions please see my GitHub at https://github.com/thelmgn/rblxrp


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Would you be happy if I did a PR to this?

RoPresence doesn’t require a bot at all. I just run it through a self contained program.


The OP means that it requires a bot to work behind the scenes. It uses a bot account to detect what you’re playing which is why you need to make your privacy settings right.

This may be unfair criticism, but is Electron really necessary? This seems like such a simple script, and having to run a ram-eating (granted more lightweight) version of chromium seems like too much for the functionality provided.

And the actual application its self being over 95 mb.

EDIT: I do understand why It’s in Electron though, It’s easier to reach an audience past developers (multi-platform). But could a headless version be provided?


No point.
roPresence is about to have electron too.
But I understand your point.

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Yeah. I was wishing I didn’t have to use Electron, but if I wanted it easy to use for end users, who don’t really know how to edit JS files and manually install Node, I had to.

Versions before 2.1 do not have Electron though. https://github.com/theLMGN/rblxRP/releases/tag/2.0.1

That’s the main reason why.
@theLMGN Do you mind if I use some of your code into roPresence?

As long as it’s permitted under the GPL-3, then sure

Could you add a time elapsed? Other than that, I absolutely love this! Great work! :+1:

I’ll PR that.
Remind me to do it this weekend. (:



I don’t have to say the game’s name to people each time they ask which game am I playing, now, I just need to say them to look at my rich presence without actually telling them the game name!

roPresence already does what this one does but it’s still nice to see other people make those!

Oh yeah, I also remember finding rblxRP out of nowhere while searching for a Roblox Rich Presence

That’s great! I don’t have to keep the join game permission to everyone or people who follow me or who I follow to then follow the bot to make it able to see and join me in game(this doesn’t really help you if you don’t want people following you in game.)

Also, about the Default game icon thing, it’s useful if you wanna see the classic R Logo or the newer Red one or even the newest Shiny one

Mhm. I really like it.
I hope to make a proect merging this and roPresence as they both are so good.
It would have to roPresence game api.
But not having to follow anyone.
We will see. (:

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