RDC 2021 - See You This October!


Hi developers,

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting more details for this year’s Roblox Developers Conference (RDC). And we’re very very happy to finally be able to share more information - including a few exciting changes from what we announced earlier this year.

Our team has been hard at work making the necessary preparations and finalizing the plans for an RDC that we hope you are excited to attend both online AND (just a few studs away from Roblox HQ) in San Francisco! :foggy:

Last year, we hosted our first-ever, fully virtual RDC. Not only was it our first digital event, it also became one of our biggest, most global events to date! But even so, many of you shared that you wished we could have a chance to get together again (we feel the same), so we took a step back and looked at our options on how we could accommodate both virtual and in-person.

We decided that building an event where you can have a choice of how you attend would be the safest path forward. But with this shift to a hybrid-style event, we needed to make adjustments to our previously announced schedule. As we mentioned this month, this year’s RDC will no longer be happening virtually in July, it will now be a hybrid-event in October! In addition, the main event will now start on Thursday and end on Saturday - Note that if you’re unable to attend physically for any of the days you will have the option to attend virtually.

This is a huge change from how we have always celebrated RDC together. We hope you are still excited and ready to join us this October at the Fort Mason Center, a water-front venue in north San Francisco, for RDC 2021!

RDC 2021 - New Details

  • Virtual Game Jam is the week before RDC: October 9th - 10th
  • RDC Dates: Thursday, October 14th - Saturday, October 16th
  • Daily activities will occur roughly between 9AM ~ 3PM PT
  • Hybrid event taking place both in-person and online (see below)

Note: Both in-person and virtual will still be invite-only. In-person tickets are limited and will be first-come first-serve. More information regarding ticketing and invitations will be shared in the coming weeks. Invitations will include details on discounted hotel rates.

In-Person Attendance Virtual Attendance
Tickets: Price TBA, Invite-Only - Tickets: FREE, Invite-Only
Location: Fort Mason Center, SF
Room rentals available Th/Fr/Sa
(Details in invitation)
- Location: Discord + TBA streaming platform
(Both tracks will be streamed)
Swag: You bet! - Swag: Also included!
Must show proof of vaccination
and follow provided CDC guidelines.
- N/A

For those planning to travel to San Francisco, please note that we will require proof of vaccination. We will also be following the safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control for in-person events and will be sharing more health and safety information with you once we get closer to the event.

Please stay tuned for more on RDC 2021. We hope you are healthy and safe and we can’t wait to see you this October!

Thank you,
Developer Relations


That’s great, i might even be able to attend this year if my country allows travel!


Best of luck to all who are going to participate!


Cant wait to see this RDC event!
school moment @Crazedbrick1


This looks very exciting! I’m really interested to see how this turns out, it seems really fun!


I can’t wait, we’ve been waiting for a long time and I’m vaccinated!


so exciting that its in person


question tho.
Compared to previous in-person RDCs, will we be seeing be likely seeing fewer or more invitees?


This is a great opportunity to meet developers across the globe!


This is a bummer for people to have to attend school, but it’s not like I’ll get in anyway. :sunglasses:


Hold on. Let me get my fishing rod!


This is awesome!Good luck to anyone who gets invited!


I wish I can come one day man or maybe virtual for everyone on live stream and people who invite are recommended to come just an idea, but yeah I hope y’all enjoy and maybe see in the future!


There’s one question I have to this; Do past moderation actions influence your chance of getting into RDC at all?

General question that interested me.


All the way in October and we need to flash the vax card? Will this potentially change as regulations change?


It is not like they invite a lot of people who attend school. And even those who go to college can attend virtually if invited, that’s not their fault.

Pretty cool to see this event happening once more! Hopefully we will see some exciting conferences.


Good thing theres a virtual attendance for those who have school! Looking forward to this event.


Ooooh, this is awesome! I love reading about RDC stuff.


If you have the skills and popularity, you may get invited, but most of those people have a lot of free time anyway. :man_shrugging:

Virtual doesn’t cut it anyway. In-person sounds cooler. :sunglasses: