Readd Player:Kick() newlines and make it scroll

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to format kick messages properly.

For a while now, the \n character has been nonfunctional in Player:Kick() calls.. This has made kicking players significantly worse, because now instead of this:


You have been banned for Using exploits to attempt to trigger remote events.
This ban will be lifted in 30 days.

Ban by: @darkpixlz

You’ll have to do this instead, because of the lack of newlines and the short character limit:

[Game]: You have been banned for exploiting. This ban will be lifted in 30 days. Ban by @darkpixlz.

That just makes my eyes hurt. It’s hard to understand and it’s confusing, a solution newlines previously allowed for.

Roblox’s excuse for removing features or not adding highly requested ones is usually “mobile support” or performance issues. The old one used to do this if you tried:

Instead, it can just scroll. Cap out at a certain height like 300px, and the rest will be available by scrolling. In the end, removing the ability to make text more readable just hurts developers.

This would also allow for longer character limits, to allow more descriptive kick messages. Something like 400 would be a lot better for more useful reasoning, and would eliminate the need to make a place to show them the full reason they were banned.


I agree, we need multi-line in player:Kick() method!!!


According to a Roblox representative:

This was recently changed intentionally to fix an exploit, so is expected behavior.
Any sequence of spaces and newlines is now collapsed into a single space character, and the length of kick messages is limited to 200 characters.


The post is asking for a change to that behavior so multi-line kick messages can be restored.


Doesn’t [[]] method work with this case?

For like one line only, the rest of tho r message gets screwed up


Yes, we need this feature back minus the exploit. Kick messages wouldn’t look ugly anymore.

I’m so sick of this too! Assuming… you also hate the fact that mobile users hold back all these great feature requests.

I got very confused when all my new lines disappeared. Then, I realized, it’s just Roblox. Love developing on an unstable platform. Can’t move to Unity now either. I’m stuck.


I’m pretty sure Luau/Lua runs on C++ anyway, you could easily embed it