Realistic Obby Testing and Feedback

:wave: Hello! I first would like to thank everyone for motivating me to continue working on this project. My first post about this project is now my most popular topic, and the second post is my third.

:deciduous_tree: Anyway, I am excited to share with you the beta testing of this project. The game is nearly finished, and I know some of you already asked me to let you know when testing was happening.

:deciduous_tree: For those who don’t want to go inside of the game, but would still like to help me out and give feedback, here are some images inside of the game:

:deciduous_tree: For those who do want to experience the gameplay, here is the link to the game: Realistic Forest Obby | {Showcase} - Roblox

:deciduous_tree: I recommend turning your volume up, as the ambience currently plays very quietly and I am still looking into that.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Please understand that this is just a prototype of the final game, so issues may occur.

Thank you all for stopping by, if you left feedback- thank you, it is very much appreciated and will be used to make this project better. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

-Its_TylerM (TylerWasTaken)


The game testing is happening, @zachary108181, @Il_lr, @OMBcreates, @MGstev_1. I believe you were the people who wanted to be notified when the game came out, if not I apologize. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The Quality is better then my eyesight :eyes:


Thank you! My goal was to create a realistic, high quality obby.

Not to say that obbys are not high quality, but there are just way to many built with 100s of freemodels.


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You’re the first person I ever seen to make a different kind of obby instead of those floating mid sky obby’s.


I will not be responding to replys for a few hours, when I am back I will look and reply to every reply.


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This is an absolutely stunning game! The only thing I think you need to fix is at some of the spawns when you respawn you are turned around. You can probably fix this by turning the checkpoint around.

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Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll make sure to look into the checkpoints, as I could see something like that being very annoying. This was my first time scripting, so I might of done something wrong there.

Or it could be the dirrection of the checkpoint as you said

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ummm I also make obby games but never thought of this salute :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :happy4:

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Hello, i have played the game and i found a bug, so i was trying to skip checkpoint and it didnt work on the leaderboard but when i die i get teleported at the skipped checkpoint but my stages on the leaderboard still the same (the real checkpoint that i didnt skip)


wow, ive been waiting for something like this… its like a fun lag test i guess? :rofl:

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Wow! Those pictures look amazing, I’ll be sure to check the game out later today!!

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I don’t really see that it is realistic. Is it realistic that the obstacles float?

I didn’t notice that I was walking in the wrong direction and that should be told me.
The leaderstats don’t work properly either.
It doesn’t look realistic or is forest always flat?
Obbies usually have R6. I get, that you want to have it more realistic, but then make it rthro to make it more realistic.
No UI (only a donate button)?
Donate button shadow should have offset size.

I really didn’t enjoy the experience in your game, sorry.


Wow, that was a lot of negative points. But makes sense, you’re a game designer so I trust you.

Beyond impressed with the visuals of the game!
One thing I could recommend is to add some uneven ground, dirt mounds and possibly a river (?) to make it look more like a forest.
Great work tho!

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Very nice! Only thing as someone else said is that you’re spun 180 degrees if you die, other than that great highly detailed game!

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Why is it a “highly detailed game”?

  • All the trees and bushes are free models.
  • There is a flat grass ground.
  • There are some (not really good adjusted) lighting effects.
  • There are brown blocks.

Explain me where it is detailed?


I don’t want to hate on your game and you also said that it is not the release version, but there are some things that need to be improved and you want feedback so I told it you.
Nevertheless, I am sure that your game can become a fun and challenging game with the time, but right now it is not really enjoyable.



Alright thank you, I will look into it.

Sorry about your poor experience in my game.

I have two possible solutions to the obstacles floating, do you think I should just bring them down or add support beams?

R6 is not realistic at all, I understand that it is better in terms of obbys, so a solution to this would possibly make the entire camera first person, like real life.

In terms of UI, what else do you want. I don’t want to fill the entire screen with UI, as current obbys do.

I’m not UI designer, so thank you for pointing out the shadow offset size.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post, you pointing out the errors I made in the game really helps make it better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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