Recent sales showing reduced Robux amounts on individual purchases

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a group game and sell a developer product
2. Purchase the developer product
3. Navigate to the Revenue tab of the group settings and note the Robux amount listed for the transaction

Expected Behavior

We expect the amount shown to be equivalent to the Robux earned (Cost of developer product minus 30% Roblox platform tax)

Actual Behavior

The amount shown reflects the cost of the developer product minus a 65% tax

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-12-09 00:12:00 (-08:00)


Hey @berezaa thanks for reporting, we’re following up internally.

It seems this is because you have percentage-based payouts enabled on the group, could you confirm this? There was a recent change to show the amount post distribution to users that are configured to get a percentage of the revenue. There is a tooltip near the “Amount” header now on this.

This should be purely on the reporting side and there is no difference in actual Robux awarded.

Apologies on the lack of heads-up on this change, we should have better communicated on this since it touches a monetization-related component.

Can you let me know your thoughts on the change? (do you prefer before/after?) I will forward any concerns internally. I understand this may affect some accounting-related use cases.

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Ah, I didn’t notice the tooltip. Now that I am aware of the change and understand how the number was reached, I do think it is helpful and it appears to be working as intended. Thanks!


I’ve been having a similar issue for about 3 weeks, but with clothing rather than dev products. The price of the clothing is 7 robux, but sometimes, I’ll receive 4 robux, rather than 5.

I don’t have recurring or percentage-based payouts enabled in my group, and I haven’t changed the price of any of these since I put them on sale . It only seems to happen to two pairs of pants I uploaded almost a year ago, and the sales seem inconsistent, as I sometimes I’ll receive 4 robux on one sale and 5 on another. I don’t know if it’s a visual bug, as the summary also reflects this.

Edit: Someone also made a report very similar to this last week.

Can you link the group and the asset here? (or mention their IDs) Thanks!

this should have been announced and still should be as a lot of people are going to be confused by this new change, please communicate with us more. Over communication is much better than lack of communication or not enough communication

Sorry for the late reply, but here they are.

Absolutely agreed and have forwarded the feedback. Our teams will take that into account going forward for changes like these that visibly affect monetization-adjacent features.

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Thanks for sharing the extra details, I will forward this.

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@EuropoorSimulator , we checked the items you linked, this is because of a commission fee. (i.e. the item was prompted and sold inside of an experience that is not yours and is not under the group)

You can review how this works here: Developer Economics | Roblox Creator Documentation

In this case, since this involves a legacy clothing item, the seller gets 10% of the item’s price, which turns out to be 1R$ in this case, see: Avatar Marketplace Fees and Commissions | Roblox Creator Documentation

There have been no changes to how this works under the hood, the commission fee has existed since way before this visual change to the logs, the logs are now just more accurate and reflect the commission properly.

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Good to know that it’s not a bug. Though, this should’ve been clearly explained on each sale. If someone buys something, it should be shown where the user purchased it from. It could look something like this.

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