Recent Toolbox Improvements

We have a plan to address viewing a creator’s items in a future update. Stay tuned!


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I had no idea how much I needed the right-click context menu until it came out! Often I encounter incredible meshes or scripts that I might want to use later, but had no easy way to retrieve the URL or inspect the creator’s other work.

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Will “Browse by creator” ever be a thing in Studio’s toolbox?


I don’t know if this has been reported before but since last week my toolbox only show blank spaces.rob


Most likely related to:

If I had to guess, it’s probably localization related whether you see empty or programmer-like strings. Please comment on that thread if you have more information (not here, off-topic here).


Directly copying asset id’s will save me so much time. Thanks!

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Thank you! The improved searches will be an incredible help in finding assets!

Honestly, this is something we needed to have for a while. It’s going to be so much easier to do things now that it won’t just show completely random things that don’t even relate to what I was looking for!

Will the updates to the searching carry over to the website as well? At the moment, searching for anything on the website is a pain…

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Copying the asset id straight from toolbox will save soo much time, thanks Roblox!

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Amazing update, will really save time and headaches. Thank you!

Very useful feature, thank you, will save a lot of time! :slight_smile:


Yay this will save so much time

This is great, now we need to get website Decals converted to Images as well.

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Yeah, there’s just as many non-tree items in the second as there are non-tree items in the first. Maybe more emphasis should be put on the title? I definitely will appreciate the the Right-click Context Menu though!


Thank you for fixing the algorithm! I’m looking forward for the ability to search for assets by player names!

Honestly the algorithm shouldn’t even check items’ descriptions for keywords since the description is never relevant.


This is a great step forward for development in Studio! Thanks!

Excellent! Thanks! These toolbox improvements are awesome.