Recently Updated Tab for UGC

Reproduction Steps

Open your UGC item, go to the configure page, change something about the items description, then press save.

Expected Behavior

I expect my item to be pushed to the top of the recently updated category and to the front of my group’s store.

Actual Behavior

The item does not move its place in the recently updated tab or my group. The recently updated tab will only show newly uploaded items. This is damaging to UGC creators who had already uploaded their items but have not put it on-sale. When they do put it on-sale it is not discoverable by people looking for newer items, or items with sales (UGC ran sales like Black Friday, Memorial Day, etc). This is damaging to our earnings and the attention our items get.

Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-11-29 00:11:00 (-08:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-12-01 00:12:00 (-08:00)


Why not take action against the people that are abusing the recently updated system instead of damaging the sales and discoverability of everyone?

I hope this is a bug, and if it was intentional, it’s very disrespectful to not even tell us about this. Please prioritize this. For a lot of us, this is our job.


I hope this is a mistake on roblox’s end. this has been very damaging to my sales of newly released items.


What we really need is a Recently Created sort instead of Recently Updated.


Or both? UGC creators hold sales on holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Black Friday, etc. and it is nice to be able to see when things like that are happening!


Have definitely seen a significant plummet in the sales of my newer items, and I guess this might explain it! Hopefully a solution is able to come soon, its really discouraging!


This significantly gears creators to have to update users through social media which is not as easy as just putting it in the item description itself and having it visible under recently updated without having to keep tabs on a creator’s media. Especially for discounts and things like that during sale periods people will have no idea as they won’t see it in recently updated and it will only inform users that are already in touch with what the creator is doing through their medias.


Where’s our 70% tax going if you guys can’t even give us good discoverability :rofl:


I had a few collabs go up yesterday and noticed that none of them ended up on the recently updated page despite me adjusting their descriptions/names, etc.

I imagine it’s a mistake and not intended because I saw some items appear on the recently updated page and not others and I hope it’s fixed soon!


Omg this is horrible, I hope Roblox Roblox fixes it :pensive:


all that needs to happen is that rob gamers dude needs to get kicked out then the recently updated page would be clean


This update/bug is so nasty for us man, we have to be sitting on our items waiting for them to be approved by moderation then quickly put them on sale straight away.

and everyone who uploaded items in advance is crying rn

they didn’t tell us about it so I’m hoping it is a bug


That does not seem like a bug. It is actually an AMAZING thing. It prevents UGC creators from spam updating their items to appear ‘Recently Updated’. If you are worried about discoverability, that is why sponsoring UGC items exists.

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That’s debatable, unless you’re sponsoring items like an advertisement on Roblox it’s gonna be hard for players to find your items. Just make a recently created tab.

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I agree with the fact that this change hurts all UGC creators, regardless of their popularity or earnings.

The recently updated sort was a way for players to find new and interesting items that have recently been put up, and restricting the sort to newly created items hurts everyone who stocks up items for the coming months, or aren’t able to put items on sale right before they’re uploaded.

In short, these changes may address the people abusing the recently updated sort, but they also harm many legitimate creators in the process, as their items are much less easy to find now.


Ah yes let me just pour 10,000 robux into sponsoring my item and get maybe 200 sales from it and end up with 2 robux in profit because roblox already takes 70 PERCENT of our profit from us.

I completely agree with you that people spam updated their items way too frequently but that literally makes up for 1% of all creators and instead of taking action against those rule breakers they ruined a main stream of income and discoverability for rule abiding creators. If you properly educated yourself on the upload process before speaking then you’d understand why this is a horrible change. You are going to continue to see items that you aren’t interested in on your catalogue, that LITERALLY has nothing to do with us.


I thought I was the only one with this problem… I was loading some items on 11/26 and was waiting to put them up for sale now on 12/01… I put them up for sale and it’s going to be two days and there isn’t a sale if you want… no… I uploaded an item now and my Thumb doesn’t load and the ones that I uploaded aren’t appearing in the catalog… Harming my sales by 100%, not counting the poor sales in November and now this one is coming to us offend. And worst of all, we have no support!


I have noticed that items that have already been published and have been in the catalog for a few weeks have not suffered and are still selling normally, but items that have been released recently are performing sales poorly.

this accessory had only 2 sales and would sell much more than that, I hope it’s just a bug, but it would be interesting if they created a category recently created


This strange behaviour isn’t limited to the UGC catalog, it affects searches for items made by Roblox as well.

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Surely there’s a middle ground for this kind of behavior. Maybe the first time a price is set on an offsale item, it goes on recently updated, but not subsequent times

Seems a bit weird to have a tab named “Recently Updated” with undocumented behavior like this in effect.