Recreating a UE5 Lumen effect on Roblox?

Hello all! I’ve been seeing this image of a Lumen dupe in Roblox Studio floating around, and I’d like to try to recreate it myself. From what I can tell, it uses PBR materials, but otherwise I can’t seem to replicate the ambience. It almost looks like a blender render, although I know for certain that it is not. ***So far, *** I’ve increased the brightness for the light leaking into the window, and I’ve increased the ambience itself, but neither work as well as this. For now, I’ll include an image of Roblox and UE5 to show the comparison.

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Urn have u tried using future technology (and make nearby parts cast shadow)

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And if you use future your walls must be 4 or more studs of width

No default lighting setting comes with the effect shown.

As someone who relies a lot on lighting to enhance their builds. I personally think to replicate this type of ambience with merely lighting settings is incredibly tough (apart from the fact that you should be using Future)

I really recommend using Pointlights, Spotlights and other light sources and tweaking around with them and the settings to get the desired outcome.
I also recommend adding modifiers such as Color Correction, Bloom, Depth of Field to aid you in the process.

You might not get the exact result as UE5 since Roblox engine is obviously not as advanced but you’ll surely get close to replicating it with the above tips.

is this possible if u make all the parts in the house bigger (more rigid shadows) (idk for sure myself im asking)

also another method (though its intensely limited ) is using decals and pointlights to imitate more light and for reflection … making the floor a bit transparent and adding objects on other end to imitate reflection

If I understand correctly, the effect you’re tying to recreate is called global illumination, where light bounces and scatters from brightly lit surfaces. (in this case sunlight shining through a window, hitting the floor, then scattering around the room). There’s a couple of plugins that automatically place lights around to mimic the effect:

Not sure how well they work with future lighting though