Regular approval suspended - Perks that members can't hope to have

Hello there, I have recently experienced a huge issue corresponding to the “lack” of abilities right now.

You may know that this forum is divided in several categories (#help-and-feedback:scripting-support , #bulletin-board , #development-discussion , …) and also, users of the forum have a role that will vary, depending on their activity on this platform and some other factors. This role will provide us special abilities.

According to Roblox’s official post, we may be able to rankup. But, it is currently written:

NOTE: This section is currently out-of-date
Promotions from Member to Regular are on hold until the criteria are updated, since Post Approval has been removed in September 2020.

So we may note that, as a member, I can’t become a Regular due to criterias that are non valid since September 2020 (6 to 7 months ago). It means that I can’t properly gain skills, even though I may be eligible to this role.

As a Roblox developer...

As a Roblox developer, whose role is member, it is currently too hard, on the DevForum, to gain these abilities. Of course, it is suspended you are going to tell, and I agree with you. But, I was attempting to become a Regular to upgrade and be able to post in #feature-requests. (#platform-feedback is currently disabled if I understood well)

I learnt that this category is only available for them, so I can’t post in this category due to my clearance that is too low.

(Note that I tried to get more and more pieces of information to be the most accurate possible.)

I really need, in my case, to post a topic in this category. I reached one of the edge of Roblox, so I can’t properly do what I intend to, and this causes a huge stop in the development of my game. So I wanted to share a feature that I would love to have on Roblox, that would not be that hard to implement
//(a property for alignPosition that would roughly act “the same” than alignOrientation.PrimaryAxisOnly)

However, I can’t post in this topic, so what I would love to share will remain unknown, so my development cannot continue since I really need this feature to be alive. (Although it is not sure).

So I am currently stuck :x

Solutions I have

What solution can be found?

It is not that easy to find something really good. Some perks that Regular have (as creating topics in #feature-requests) are restrained to prevent from having a spam of these topics, and let only people more experienced in Roblox (and on the forum) the ability to do so.

But since the system is locked for roughly half a year ! (that is a lot), I don’t know when I will be able to rankup in here…

What I propose is that a new role onto this platform can be created (below regular but after member) that doesn’t request Post-Approval, and that can let us having a few perks that Regular members may have (such as, in my case, write a topic in #feature-requests).

Because, it seems prohibited to ask a regular member to create a topic for us (members) so as to bypass this role issue (isn’t it?)

To put it in a nutshell, as we have the Member role, and as Regular role is no longer obtainable, we can’t post in certain categories (such as #feature-requests) though we would love to (because otherwise we can’t do what we want in Studio.
So I would love to have a new role below Regular, but “higher” than Member, and this role will grant a few perks that regulars have, and since Regular role is not accessible yet, it would help in some cases (as mine: having the perk to post in #feature-requests) !

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Wait for the new thing. In the meantime use /g/DevEngagementTeam for features and @Bug-Support for bugs.

Also there are only 5 trust levels on discourse (0-4) and they are built into the software so new ones can’t be added and existing ones can’t be removed.


So, I may use the link you provided to communicate the feature I have in mind to Roblox?

And I did not know that roles were limited to 5? So now this post seems useless :x

Yes, there is also the support form: Support - Roblox


Oh, awesome ! Never noticed that before, I feel a bit uhm, new to this platform though I’m on this forum for quite some time now :x

Well, thanks a lot for your replies, I hope it will help people that are stuck :smiley:

One more question: Is this “better” to do so via the support page or using the DevEngagementTeam page?

You can message @Bug-Support about bugs you discover, or the support page. Either one works fine.

Well, in my case I would send a feature request.
I just intended to know if one of them was better than the other, but I sent this using the support page and I received a confirmation via email so kinda cool