Regulars, what are they?

So, I realized that the Discussion category could only have topics/posts made by ‘Regulars’. What are regulars, who are they, and how do I become one?

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Regulars are the trust level just above member. You can get this by consistently contributing to the forum and by using the post approval process frequently. Actually I don’t know what is happening to the post approval team but yeah.


Thank you alot, but what do you mean by ‘Using the post approval process’ frequently?

Edit: Just read what @P1X3L_K1NG sent, now I get it, but it’s near impossible to have a clean moderation history when just saying ‘Thank you’ gets flagged for SPAM. I once said ‘Can you put it in lua code blocks’ and it got flagged, so it’s near impossible to have a clean moderation history.



As a Regular, you can now create posts and replies in all categories without post approval, as you have shown that you know how to make these topics according to forum rules and guidelines.

You can level up to Top Contributor by being active and making frequent, positive contributions to discussions. This level is meant for the best contributors in our community, to acknowledge and reward their dedication to high-quality discussion.

Additionally, it is possible to be invited to level up directly to Community Editor . The criteria for this are (roughly) that you show exceptional knowledge of forum rules and guidelines, and have consistently high quality posts over the time span that you have been a Regular.


No it’s not, those types of posts aren’t contributive whatsoever and should be PMed to the OP if really necessary.

In regards to the Post Approval process, please inform yourself here:

You must show that you’re able enough to post well in restricted categories.


It doesn’t have to be 100% clean, just not too many warnings. There’s a hard cutoff, but I’m fairly sure it’s not just 1 flag. Also, they do manual approvals every once in a while, so a couple of flags won’t lock you out permanently.


Literally the reason I made this reply:


That is a severely biased example.

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Becoming a regular is a process that doesn’t take 2 days, not 2 weeks, but more like 2-5 months.

I try to stay active as much as I can on the DevForum and I haven’t ranked up to Regular and I don’t except to be ranked to Regular for some time.

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There’s no set time period for how long it takes to get Regular, it will vary from developer to developer. Some may not get Regular at all because they don’t need to use the forum that much.

If it takes you longer to reach Regular, then you aren’t meeting the requirements.

It’s like I keep saying, but no one really needs Regular. You virtually have all the access you’d ever need as a Member and you just get a few extra, trivial privileges as a Regular.


What do you mean by that?

I think it’s a fair example

No, it is severely biased. You didn’t like how (New Member, Member) → (Member, Regular) so you made up a scenario that favours the old naming scheme for trust levels over the new one. It is not fair.

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To be honest, i’d think it is pretty common sense to believe that something called «Member» is more special than «Regular».

The word Regular literally means, something normal, non-special.

Whilst Member (at least in my view, and I reckon most other people) pretty much implies, something more special, not everyone can be a member etc etc.

He is a member in the soccer club.
He is a regular in the soccer club.

I really can’t see how someone would think that regular could be above member. This thread is living proof of misinterpretations and bad understanding in forum trust-level names.

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Exactly. This supports my point. You regularly contribute to the forum. So everyone kinda knows you.

I am not sure the soccer club analogy is good. Because that just doesn’t work.

No it isn’t, OP just doesn’t seem to have enough experience on the forums.

Yeah, I guess so. I feel like regular is more of an honor than a rank, and member isn’t that hard to get. I’ve been on the devforum for a year and a half now, and my dream is to get Top Contributor

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As @P1X3L_K1NG said.
Member is easy to get as I mean… once you join a community you’re a member-- some people on the forum complain about this.
Though there is a huge difficulty inbetween member and regular. I have seen people with accounts that are year(s) old who are still member and I have seen people who joined 2 weeks ago with regular.

“Regular” on devforum doesn’t mean what it usually would elsewhere. Yes, it’s hard for people to have a 100% clean history especially when a person is new to the forum and makes a mistake or two by example, replying “thanks for your reply!”.

Is this process automatic or manually done? I would assume I’d be a regular by now, but for some reason I’m not.

(edit: didn’t mean to reply directly to you, meant to reply to the thread. oops)


Those stats are honestly extremely low. And likes don’t seem to be involved.

There is an entire topic on how to rank up: How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum

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It’s supposed to be automatic but manual approvals also. If you’re looking to become a regular, you need to be more active on the forum. Post helpful replies, read more, like comments more etc.

It shouldn’t take long unless you got a punishment recently.

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The mistake of posing or creating topics that Post Approval or the Developer Engagement Team either locks or deletes, is not actually going to affect your moderation status, unless, you have done something severe and it’s also depending on the violation.
If you just made a mistake in posting, and somebody flagged it, just as long as it does not have anything irrelevant or something that’s really inappropriate, this wouldn’t affect your moderation record.

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