Release 447 broke camera controls

Relating to this, I have encountered some issues.

In the two videos below, I am holding right click, moving my mouse, and pressing shift, thus putting me into shift lock and out of it repeatedly. In the first video I am in Tower of Hell (which uses an older version of the camera) showing how it worked before this release. In the second video I am at a place using this camera (Release 447).

Additionally, holding the left or right arrow keys to move you camera go way faster than before. Camera sensitivity in general is also higher. You cannot also press the “o” key to move out of first person now.

I got the same issue, it’s been ruining some of my games.

I just hope a permanent fix comes soon because I can’t stand not being able to use the camera inversion I’m used to using. Really ruins my experience throughout games.

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I’m having the same issue, but with CameraType.Fixed - Camera used to be stationary but players were able to zoom in/out, now they can’t and that’s heavily impacting the gameplay (character customization in this case).


Hey there Hippie, the issue is still occurring but less minimal. Camera zooming issues with camera types has started occurring as of recently (Release 449).

Just an update on the issues, as of now, it seems some, such as broken camera inversion, have been fixed

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Follow camera broke once again

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