Remove 60 FPS Cap

Probably not, physics is still tied to frame rate.


Physics run at 240Hz independent of the frame-rate.


When you use the FPS unlocker on Roblox, you literally fly around the map. It must be tied to physics still.


That hasn’t happened to me, must’ve been an update or something else. Does it happen in specific games or everywhere? :thinking:


Just any game in general, someone I know used it and their character was moving 2-3x faster than normal when it was activated.


I am unable to replicate this with the fps unlocker on a high refresh rate monitor. Does the person you know have a recording of the incident by any chance?


My character is moving at a normal speed and I’m using a fps unlocker too.


Bumping this, I don’t know everything under the hood about increasing the fps but I think roblox should work towards it :smiley:


For the last 6 months i’ve been playing Roblox games exclusively with the FPS unlocker on a 75Hz and 144Hz monitor. That’s roughly 300 hours of playtesting on 100 popular roblox games. Here’s what i discovered.

  • Once you’ve experienced Roblox on 144Hz with VSync you can’t go back. It looks really, really good.
  • Out of all the games i’ve played, there were only two cases in which the increased refresh rate caused gameplay issues. In both cases the physics were tied to the framerate, making people fall faster/slower if they went beyond/below 60 fps. This has since been fixed by the owners.
  • Automated camera movement tends to speed up on higher refresh rates. This usually only occurs during cutscenes or intros.
  • Aside from the extra frames, i had no unfair advantages over other players in competitive games, racing games and simulators. There was no change in bullet speeds, attack speeds, movement speeds, acceleration or any other potentially exploitable things.

I would personally think that Roblox is ready to unlock those sweet frames to the public. Just don’t tie anything to the framerate and you should be a-ok.


Interesting to see what you’ve done with it. Is it really that stable? That’s pretty great.

I think that they could indeed unlock the framerate and have minimal issues if they were to put a ribbon bar in Studio talking about the change to encourage users to use the deltaTime parameter of RenderStepped rather than a constant number value (generally, newer developers tend to use small decimal values rather than deltaTime unless they’re already familiar with how events of that nature work). This is what developers should be doing anyway, so in terms of improvements to the client and general “scripting etiquette”, it’s perfect. The only drawback would be the drawback of every big change to Roblox’s engine - breaking the old, outdated games.


It’s been another year since i’ve last responded to this topic and i think it’s appropriate to give an update. By now i’ve played about 1000 hours with the fps unlocker enabled. I’ve encountered zero problems since my last reply. I can no longer play without it. I have ascended. I am one with Uncappius, God of many frames.


I hate to bump this, yet again.

I saw in Release Notes for 437 they were adding new physics refresh rate for 60hz, 120hz and 240hz:

Added Enum PhysicsSimulationRate Added EnumItem PhysicsSimulationRate.Fixed240Hz : 0 Added EnumItem PhysicsSimulationRate.Fixed120Hz : 1 Added EnumItem PhysicsSimulationRate.Fixed60Hz : 2

I hope this means we get built in support for fps higher than 60, because in 2020, it seems like an absolute no brainer to support such a feature thats so necessary since all new technology is becoming better and better.

I understand why they have been reluctant to add built in support in concern of the physics rate being messed up. However, it should be made common practice for things to be tied to delta time as to make things run independently of the frame rate.

Seriously, 60hz monitors are starting to lose their ground as the most common monitor, 90hz and above are starting to take off and roblox should seriously consider getting a move on with the times and become a more modern engine.

If roblox wants to compete with the likes of every other engine, this is a must have feature.

We shouldn’t have to inject code into our client to get a feature that should be built in.

And most games seem to run fine with an fps unlocker. Any game that doesn’t probably uses bad practices anyway.


Physics update frequency isn’t locked to rendering frequency. Physics pipeline was already running at (maximally) 240Hz for years (4 physics updates for each engine pipeline frame, you can check the microprofiler to see this). Changing the physics frequency has little to do with any plans they may or may not have to introduce higher rendering frequency caps, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up based solely on that correlation.


This would be a good idea and I am in support of it, however there is still a ways to go before that can happen.

For ex, using the FPS unlocker in this game will break the entire game. The developer said they reached out to Roblox engineers to investigate this issue, but even they don’t know what’s going on.


Can we please remove the 60 FPS cap for games and Roblox Studio is possible? I support this a ton due to a lot of users not getting a fast and reliable speed on games that are either expensive/huge open-world games, or games that spam bricks until it breaks the core.

As a developer and user, I can say that having the 60 FPS cap has ruined some high-end games and expensive games on the platform that provide a lot of memory/storage and a huge world as I have to use an FPS Unlocker in order to achieve smoother game experience and not lag too often on my laptop. Unlockers at the moment are a great substitute and workaround for getting more than 60 FPS but removing the cap itself will be much more beneficial for users using the Unlocker and low-end devices who can exceed such a limit.

I do think before they lift the cap limit for FPS, they should test it out what would happen and see if it could be feasible with low-end users and high-end users on different devices and such.

I wonder if they have plans to remove and improve FPS since RDC 2019, if I recall though, they did announce some changes to FPS later this year or in the future in RDC 2019.


I’d like to mention that I’ve been playing Roblox at 165 Hz for a while now. It’s beautiful. More importantly, everything works as expected.

  • It does not affect the physics
  • It does not effect the camera
  • It makes everything look nicer
  • It also works in Studio

I’ve been using the FPS unlocker for this. Roblox should definitely implement this change. After all, someone else has already done it! Better yet, it’s open-source. All Roblox has to do is take that code and implement it. I didn’t buy an RTX 3080 and 165Hz monitor for nothing!


One thing Roblox needs to fix on their end for uncapped FPS is the default camera control scripts.

  • When rotating the camera using a gamepad, the higher FPS causes the camera to take much longer to reach its max orbital speed.
  • Gamepad camera orbit speed is dependent on FPS.
  • The camera rotation speed using the left and right arrow keys is dependent on FPS.

I’ve noticed on my 120Hz screen that, if you start test mode in studio with multiple clients, if you are focused in one window and haven’t focused the other windows yet, they will be running in 120Hz until you focus on them and then they will cap to 60 and unfocusing them will take them down to 15, or whatever the specific number is.

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Still very much needed. I do understand that there are technical limitations behind this (as in things that would need to be looked into to support this) that go against removing the 60 FPS cap, but we should be honest here: it’s ridiculous that Roblox is locked to 60 frames. We’re in 2021. Even a 360 Hz monitor has already reached the market. Striving for higher refresh rates is something the common consumer seeks now.

Roblox is extremely outdated in this field compared to any major game engine or even just games per say; Roblox should really invest into this feature so that it can begin taking a step for the better.

I personally believe for example Future lighting would be much more immersive if it could run at the same rate as my monitor can.


I always run roblox at 120hz with the FPS unlocker, and there are no problems with the core. (apart from 1 visual effect in my own game due to using RenderStepped to offset the CFrame of something in a cutscene which isn’t tied to the delta frame time, so it goes faster than 60)