Release Notes for 446

Notes for Release 446


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class AvatarEditorService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]
	Added Function Dictionary AvatarEditorService:GetAvatarRules() [Yields]
	Added Function Dictionary AvatarEditorService:GetItemDetails(int64 itemId, Enum<ItemType> itemType) [Yields]
	Added Function Array AvatarEditorService:GetRecommendedAssets(Enum<AvatarAssetType> assetType, int64 contextAssetId = 0) [Yields]
	Added Function Array AvatarEditorService:GetRecommendedBundles(int64 bundleId) [Yields]

Added Function Array ContentProvider:ListEncryptedAssets()
Added Function void ContentProvider:RegisterDefaultEncryptionKey(string encryptionKey)
Added Function void ContentProvider:RegisterEncryptedAsset(Content assetId, string encryptionKey)
Added Function void ContentProvider:UnregisterDefaultEncryptionKey()
Added Function void ContentProvider:UnregisterEncryptedAsset(Content assetId)
Added Function string StudioService:GetStartupAssetId() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum AvatarAssetType
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.TShirt : 2
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Hat : 8
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Shirt : 11
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Pants : 12
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Head : 17
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Face : 18
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Gear : 19
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.Torso : 27
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.RightArm : 28
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.LeftArm : 29
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.LeftLeg : 30
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.RightLeg : 31
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.HairAccessory : 41
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.FaceAccessory : 42
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.NeckAccessory : 43
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.ShoulderAccessory : 44
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.FrontAccessory : 45
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.BackAccessory : 46
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.WaistAccessory : 47
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.ClimbAnimation : 48
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.FallAnimation : 50
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.IdleAnimation : 51
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.JumpAnimation : 52
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.RunAnimation : 53
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.SwimAnimation : 54
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.WalkAnimation : 55
	Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.EmoteAnimation : 61

Added Enum ItemType
	Added EnumItem ItemType.Asset : 0
	Added EnumItem ItemType.Bundle : 1

Changed the value of EnumItem HttpRequestType.Analytics from 22 to 23
Changed the value of EnumItem HttpRequestType.Localization from 24 to 25

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)


Does that address this issue? If you try applying surface appearance textures to a Roblox-created mesh, no PBR is rendered.



Funny enough, I experienced these bugs before but didn’t care too much of this happening to me or cared to file a bug report of this, pretty neat that you guys fixed it and especially the syntax not updating and making me question my script(s) in some of my projects.


Now the ability for "Searching functionality to File > Publish to Roblox As.." seems easier for developers/users’ is pretty awesome and much more efficient when publishing or moving a game over to a group or brand new place, mostly from Group > Group or Place > Group.

Overall, both Release Notes 446 & 447 are some great additions to Roblox and Roblox Studio and will be useful for my development workflow and experience a lot. :+1:


I have a small question regarding this

Since foo:bar() is syntax sugar for, will the syntax checker error if we put as a replacement for foo:bar()



This is amazing!


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