Removal of Advertisements from the Games Page

Looking at makes me glad for this change. Sponsorships have been better for games for a while now (its useless advertising your game to a market that won’t/can’t play it)

The downside is, groups, clothing, plugins, etc. rely on ads to get noticed. There should be a more modern system which lets them get promoted

Oh and, restore the featured tab to what it was meant to be


Never seen a scam game advertise their game at all… only way they get in on FP is by botting.


Unless you prefer to see many advertisements (mainly being external from Roblox or low-quality), this is the intended goal: to provide the best player experience.

There are multiple pages on the Roblox platform - wether it’d be the Library, Create or any utilized window. As far as I’m concerned, people rarely show interest in ads, so it’s strange that you’d prefer this. Is there any reasoning to this?

Also, there are still ads on the Home page.

You can also read Roblox’s goal here:

  1. I feel these points aren’t related to the targeted goal: the post doesn’t discuss the quality of ads nor does it discuss plans to change ads. A reply prior to your’s already proposes this idea, and the response I agree with from a community member was:
  1. If you’re going to mention about an irrelevant point to this thread which is quality control, express it somewhere where it is relevant. This thread’s target was the removal ads, not the type of ads seen.

Although I respect your opinion, I am going to make my own. I believe this proposal is much better.

  1. Opened screen. The screen is much more clear and contains more games before having to scroll.
  2. Getting to know the advertisement. For group advertisements, users tend to click it without knowing any information. Removing this forces users to know more about what they are entering.
  3. Game ads are the primary target. Now that there are only sponsored games as advertisements, this introduces more games in the games page, rather than groups.


This post seems contradictory because here you express your feeling toward ads and how they are negative.


Thanks for removing advertisements even though majority would be using an adblocker.
Nonetheless imo these low-quality advertisements / copied advertisements won’t be viewable no longer now that they’re gone.

Along with them, an opportunity for good games to get the attention of players. Bad advertisements will always exist, and if players don’t like them, they don’t click on them. Also remember that the advertisements do not fully randomly appear, everyone bids Robux, and the adverts with high Robux get more chance of appearing.

Most of the time, good developers would make high bids and get the attention of players. But now, that opportunity is gone.


I dislike this change. Yes there are low quality ads. But you guys could not just moderate them? Or do something like decals where they have to be approved first before officially going up. Games will have a hard time getting exposure now as a lot of casual players always check the games page to find games to play.

  1. I also have other critiques for ads but for the sake of this post I’m going to end it here.
  1. If you’re going to mention about an irrelevant point to this thread which is quality control, express it somewhere where it is relevant. This thread’s target was the removal ads, not the type of ads seen.

You can see that I responded to him by numbering what I wanted to say.

I mentioned you to strengthen my point on how his idea has already been proposed.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding though, I will definitely try making it clear next time! :smile:

Warm regards :wave:,

Contact me for additional questions. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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They’ve been gone for awhile, I spent like 30k on one of the ads when they first got rid of them. It’s quite unfortunate and hopefully in the future we can get notified better of these changes before they even go live.


There seems to be an issue with ads. I recently got a Chrome extension that seems to block off advertisements everywhere, ranging from ROBLOX to YouTube and more. Might want to figure out a way to fix these issues? Especially since it is kinda easy to block off ROBLOX adverts with a method I have using a certain extension. I miss ROBLOX ads.

I remember when I first joined I saw a ad about every page I touched, even before joining the game. I know this was like the only income of Roblox of the time so I get it. I’m glad to see they are moving away from ads, but at least we can get more user-generated content on pages I know this what Roblox was made for and I’m glad it’s going this way. :heart:

Also there is a massive amount of user ads of click baiting for like “This user clicked this ad x times, what can you get” and some ads of profile pages (There’s more, but can’t think of them right now.) . I hate to know if people are actually clicking these ads to actually see what happens neat how they come up with the action, but I just don’t support these type of user-ads.


Rip. The squares ads just went from being the best to now being the worst. I honestly can’t think of any place that there are square ads besides the games page. But showing more games is always a plus.

I guess they’d just start having to pay for Sponsors instead. Not the ideal solution if you actually spend time designing ads or see consistently better results with ads instead of sponsors, but at least there’s an alternative and they’re not just removing advertising all together.

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I am not completely convinced with this change, yes it might improve the experience for some players but in my opinion,
Not all user ads were spam and of no use,
Roblox is an imagination platform where a million of devs makes games and use ads in hopes of getting their game out, This kinda steps on the small devs and gives a more advantage to the front page devs

Yes ads aren’t removed from the other pages but most players notice ads in the games page and considering ad is a bid…


I’ve been using Roblox BTR to remove Ads from the website.
Hearing that Roblox actually wanna optimise the Games page to show more games is a good thing. Money is not a subject here.

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I honestly welcome this change. Too much game space was taken up by the same MS Paint ads from 2008.


On the one hand, I like the removal of ads on some of the pages. As an adblock user, it doesn’t truly affect me in the short term, but with the removal of ads it clears up space for more games and other cool things.

That being said, I don’t know if I love the removal of ads on such a major page. There are people with legitimate ads that do want exposure via ads. The ads are there to advertise a game, but it’s harder to do when the main pages players visit don’t show ads. It seems that maybe we could’ve kept the ads, but put a system in place in which the ads had to be monitored and filtered for advertisements that don’t just look like the process of a 6 year old.

Then again, I do suppose that my point is negated by my use of adblock. I do really want to see what new features you bring to advertisers to display across platforms.


My question: How will Developers (especially small ones with small amounts of Robux) get the visibility they need for their ADs?


The bidding situation actually makes it that much harder for a small dev…
But when they had the ability to be ON the ‘front page’ through ads, they had a chance.
Now it’s anyones guess if it’s even worth it to advertise period…
I’d like to see some stats of Which Page The Ads were clicked on the most.


Ads are not removed, they just took away the box ads on the game page to free up more room to display more games. They removed 2 ad spaces from the entire site. The only issue with this is that box ads went from being the best type of ad (my opinion of course), to the worst based off of where the ad is now shown. Small developers will still have the chance to run advertisements and sponsors, except they just won’t be showing on the games page anymore.

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The square ads are intrusive and annoying for most players. Ultimately, they are working on focusing on sponsored games as they are less intrusive.

It’s similar to how Google search results display unobtrusive ads in the search results since you’re more likely to click those ads. Roblox is working to do the same with sponsored games being mixed in with game sorts.