Remove Annoying Pop-Up When Closing Roblox

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to close Roblox.


When I click the X button or press Alt+F4, instead of the program closing, this pop-up appears asking me to keep using the program. I have to then click on the “Close Roblox” button (which is positioned and styled to look like a “cancel” button so I accidentally click on Back to Home instead) to actually quit.

I can understand that this is probably done to introduce web players to the rest of the universal app, or to stop kids from accidentally closing Roblox instead of leaving the game, but as an adult, when I try to close a program, I want it to close.

This should be something that only happens the first time I use the new app.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to close Roblox the same way I do every other program.


I just want to say that you can alt f4 twice and it’ll close anyways. It’s not ideal, but it is still faster than clicking the close button. Especially since I only use the web browser and have no intention to use the app.


Just because there’s an alternative, doesn’t mean the original issue is no longer problematic. It’s a frustrating change that causes more annoyance than improvement.

Ideally in the best case scenario, if they really were committed to having this popup, would be to just have a checkbox/button of sorts: asking us if we want to disable the popup altogether. And then if we really wanted it, we’d enable it back in whatever settings menu they put it under.


The best alternative is to only show this if you launched the game from the app and disable it if you launched from browser.


An internal discussion has opened on this topic.

Since this seems like the more appropriate feedback place than the Engine Bugs thread (since this is intended behaviour, not a bug), I’ll put my views here just so it might get collated with other views on the change internally.

I would not mind this pop-up at all if there was an option somewhere in settings to opt-out of further notifications (this is normal practice for pop-ups, and is found on many persistent pop-ups on the Roblox website e.g. Privacy Notice updates / cookie agreement).

I’m not sure if I’m more concerned regarding Roblox implementing this, or the fact that Windows allows application developers on my PC to do this. I regard it as unwanted behaviour and something that is more reminiscent of adware than of a social platform - and, because it’s inserted into the gameplay experience, this has a direct impact on my experiences as well. Hostility by our userbases to this change reflects on the developers of those experiences.

As the thread author mentioned, having the “Back to Home” button positioned in the “Confirm” position may be unintentionally misleading to users, and is not going to provide useful data about the adoption of the Home experience (how many users actually want to use the Home experience, rather than people who accidentally clicked it?).

For those reasons, I’m doubtful that the omission of an “opt-out” is actually driving additional use of the home experience, and in my view has led to a fair amount of animosity having it constantly presented (although that’s not data driven - just the experiences of myself and fellow developers I’ve spoken to).

Here are some of the cases I can think of where this actually impacts my overall experience on the platform:

  • Joining parties / links to experiences via external media such as Discord or Guilded now takes longer
  • Restarting the client for development testing (sometimes I’ll need to rejoin a few dozen times to test a join-only event or replicate a join bug in my experience; this just makes it harder)
  • (Haven’t tested, but potentially?) interfering with test automation / user automation workflows for running the app
  • Having enough of Roblox for one day (I think this may be particularly impactful for children - heavily encouraging them to stay on the platform in my view is an unhealthy behaviour. Considering if this was done on another social media app like Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok and the reception that would have)
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To close the loop a little,

This is the case and being worked on. No known shipping date.

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Fantastic! I’d rather, honestly, this feature is removed until that is implemented. Or at least I’ll stick to Studio more to save my sanity until it is :slight_smile:

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I found this interesting, there was code to suggest some local key is MEANT to be getting set to make it only show up once

For whatever reason, it doesn’t persist once the app is closed.


This issue has been resolved as of last week:

are there any fixes for mac? Its really annoying lol

Did the “don’t show again” checkbox never appear on Macs?

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Yeah the "don’t show again” checkbox never appears for me

@WhoseAdam Is the checkbox still not usable for you?

it is not there still, I do not see it

You might have to hit up support; I don’t know if they can easily see your issue in this thread since it has been resolved for most other users…