Remove badge uploading fee

As a developer, it is difficult to put badges onto group games that aren’t released yet, because the group has no income and badges cannot be bought via personal funds for a group.

To put a badge on a group without income, I would need to:

  1. Make a T-shirt or similar on the group.
  2. Buy it and take a 30% market fee hit.
  3. Wait 3 days for the funds to go through.
  4. Buy the badge.

If Roblox were to remove the fee for uploading badges, this process would only take one step. Moreover, developers wouldn’t be losing out on 0.35$ for every badge that they buy. I shouldn’t have to waste 7$ just because I want 20 badges on my unreleased game.

Real-world use case of the step list above: I’m trying to put a badge on our game jam game “Split!”. This is on a group we just used to develop the game, it has no income, and will probably never have income.


I agree with this 100%.

I should’nt have to pay money for a badge everyone else will get for free.


I completely agree, badges being R$100 for as long as I remember is definitely off-putting to some for something so simple.


This, along with making video thumbnails free, would be the right way to go.


I don’t think that’s a smart idea, a moderator has to spend time watching the video, like they do with sounds, which is why they have fees associated with them.


The sound fee is actually based on file size, which makes sense. They don’t have to store the YouTube video on their servers, only the link to it.


File size is not a factor in upload cost. Upload costs for both YouTube thumbnails and audio are so high because moderators have to sit on their thumbs and watch/listen to the asset for 30 seconds / 5 minutes / etc, and I remember a staff member posting here in the past that they had to be reviewed twice. This is compared to an image or mesh where the review may only take a few seconds.


Maybe the real issue is not being able to transfer funds between profile/group easily & securely.

Roblox, where is that group update that keeps being mentioned but pushed back? We kinda want that :+1:


I also don’t want to deal with transferring funds to groups just so I can buy badges, and I don’t want to take a hit for wanting to put a badge on my game. The real issue is really just the cost. The cost leads to other issues like needing to transfer funds to the group.


I agree, but not now. Right now, my greatest achievements are drowned out by “you joined!” badges from random games, which I have to constantly remove from my inventory. If Roblox removed the upload fee, the severity would increase by several orders of magnitude due to anyone being able to create a badge, and in much higher quantities.

The badge system is also overdue for v2 (as mentioned before, it’s not very good at showcasing my top achievements), and making it free now may make badges harder to change. This should probably be delayed until Roblox reinvents badges and has a better idea of what limitations need to exist and how the new system can be potentially abused.


I definitely agree although I’d like to see the ability to pin badges to your profile.


I just had to spent 1500 robux to put 1050 worth of robux into a group in order to buy badges when it shouldn’t have cost me anything, and because of the 3 day transaction time, it may have delayed the release of the game i’m working on.

Support on removing badge uploading fee


I will never upload a badge until it’s free because A) You need at least 4 badges to get your game featured on Xbone B) badges are basically useless and C) I needlessly have to spend money on them.


I totally agree with this. However, I think there’s a fee because this feature could get abused. Just imagine there are badge collecting groups out there, if this feature comes to true, then there will be no reason to collect badges.


This can be solved by e.g. allowing the first X badges on a game to be free, and you only start paying after that amount. Basically the point is I would like to be able to kickstart a game with some badges without spending any Robux.

As a developer I don’t care about these kind of use cases and I also think these are way too niche in general. I want to be able to award badges in my game up to a certain point without spending money. Badges are already pretty meaningless because any game can create any amount of them.


Please, believe me. There are many badge collectors out there. This feature would just destroy the whole badges economy. Users could just make new games all the time. The solution is just, together with the restriction you mentioned right now, to limit the number of games where you can get badges for your game for free.


I don’t really care about “badge collectors” as a developer. Badges are a construct for developers to award players for achieving things in my games. I don’t care about how my badges relate to another developer’s game.

“Badge collecting” seems strange since not all badges are equally hard to get and there are still games with 100+ meaningless badges as-is, and badges can be infinitely created (as long as you have enough Robux). The platform shouldn’t hold back features related to badges for this strange/niche use case.


Seems like badge collecting is solely focused on numbers there, rather than the work put in to earn them. Why not shift the goals away from inflating some arbitrary value, and move them to special badges which take time and skill? I’m not going to be impressed if someone found a bunch of badge walks and went through them, regardless of whether the devs had to pay the R$ for 'em or not.

This sort of change would really support that form of badge hunting, since the lack of a price tag means devs can easily implement badges for a wide variety of skills, from the easy first steps to the brutal challenges that would warrant the title of Badge Collector.

Roblox’s own badge related gifts all did this, requiring you to overcome difficult challenges in order to get the prize. The Festive Gift comes to mind, requiring snatching seven badges in order to get the prize valued at 10,000 R$, the Merrywrath.


Just closing out this old request since it is resolved by:


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