Remove certain Packages/Bundles

Hey there! I was wondering how I can remove a bundle/package due to the fact Rthro doesn’t really fit into my game. Please let me know how I don’t want to remove other bundles/packages. This is not hate twords Rthro just doesn’t work with the theme.

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What solutions have you tried so far?

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I’ve tried scripts where it removes package/bundles in that I tried remove certain bundles that didn’t work. I can’t get you the scripts rn cause I’m at school. Sorry trying to get a diploma… :confused:

To do this I imagine you’d need to check if any body part meshes in a player’s character belong to an Rthro bundle, and replace them. As far as I’m aware, there is no API to do this, so you’d need to manually maintain a list of mesh asset Ids, which will quickly become unscalable since Roblox has plans to release 200+ Rthro bundles.

The easiest way out is to ensure Rthro scaling is disabled for your game (which is default iirc), and bite the bullet on package appearance unfortunately.

If I’m not wrong and you can’t easily find the bundle a body part belongs to, and you can’t identify a bundle as Rthro with the current endpoints, consider making a feature request. (via post approval process)

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Someone asked a similar question today to force Rthro the same solution applies for forcing the removal of packages.

Make the default rig a blank desired rig, for example a blank R15 block rig, set the character to it and then load character appearance into said rig.

Works every time


Ok thanks. Sorry I didn’t see that it was posted 2 hours after I went offline.

I recommend marking this as the solution, the other is far more inefficient.

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